chapter 5.

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Randhir pov...

I'm just so done. With myself. With my dad. With my life. Everything.

That's why I decide to leave.

I will go far far far away from all of this shit I created.

I imagine my dad voice ringing in my ear

Running from the problem is not so courageous randhir.


Fine. I'm happy to be a coward then.

Being a coward and running away is lot better then seeing hatred in someone's eyes in which you wanted to see only love for you.

She will never forgive me.

She is behind the bars because of me even after I knew that she don't deserve to be.

She hates me.

Yeah. That's right. I am a coward. I always was.

After zipping up the last bag I started to lift but stop abruptly when my dad burst through the doors.

Oh God. Not the same lecture again.

"You are going somewhere? " he didn't sound shocked as I expected. Good for me.

I nodded and began to lift my bag again.

"Are you getting late?" His question surprised me.


What is he trying to do?

"No..I mean yeah.." I began to pick my bags again.

'Can you please sign these papers real quick." He chipped slowly making his way into my room and setting the papers in the bed and handing me a pen.

"What are these about.?" I sound harsh because I really can't pretend to be happy.

Because I'm not.

'These are many papers of different. .you know... different things and normal things... like one is related to your accounts. Other is related to your last task.. one is related to the aryan gun stocks. Other are your rest achievement that the cops wanted the confirmation you tell them what you saw and that's all you saw during the mission. And I will handle the rest. They won't bother you again. You just sign these and you can go . You must be getting late. Right? "

Damn. Something is fishy. Damn fishy.

I took a seat on my bed and took the papers in my hands.

"I have already read all of them. You can just sign...."

I cut him in middle. .

"I will give these papers to you in your room when I'm done. "

I'm his son. He should know this. I'm not that stupid.

Genes, dad.

I have detective genes in me too.

For once I thought he want to say something but he shut his mouth and make his way out of the room..

So let's see what's there for me to sign..


What the fuck?

What the actual fuck?

How can he do this to me?

How can she do this to our baby?

Fuck. I can understand she hate me but why taking it out on my baby.

Our baby.

I almost feel my tears drop from my eyes as I frantically ran downstairs and saw my dad.

She already sign those papers.

I was panting hard.

I hate him.

I made sure I don't get any cracking in my voice. I don't want him to show I cried. Old habits. You know.

"Where are they now?"

I was still panting and my dad look at me in shock. I must be red with anger and I was out of breath.

"They? Who?" He act innocent.

"She and my baby."

"She is where she deserve to be and the baby will be where he deserve to be..."

My first instinct was to broke a ribs or two but I just show him my hand. A gesture to show him I'm not ready to hear him.

"No. Not. A . Single. Word. Anymore."

I was just so close to knocking him out.

I can not think straight. I just want to punch something really hard.

"You have done so much already. Don't need your help. Not anymore."

With that I make my way out of his house.

I will find her myself. She need to give me some answers.

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