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Thank you so much all of you. You all are angels.

I continue to sit with my arms crossed while I look outside the window.

I think it's going to rain soon.

I saw all the clouds forming a blanket above us. By the dark grey colour of the clouds I can pretty much guess it's going to be a hard Weather.

"For the last time. I'm asking for the last time. Explain this? " I heard his voice from beside me, without looking at him I imagine him beating his thumb over the steering wheel to calm himself down.

He would have asked me this from the thousand times now and I bring a brat ignored him for the thousands time.

I mean who the hell he is to say that

"I won't drive until you tell me what's happening? "



I can manage that I guess.

Don't drive. Stay here. Enjoy the coming soon rain. Or maybe storm I guess. Yeah. Thrilling, no?

I looked down to my watch.

I still have time right?

With doing some calculations in my mind I concluded that I surely have time to go where I'm supposed to if just this giant big baby beside me stop throwing tantrums.

With an idea in mind I turn to him. He suddenly looked at my way too at the same time mouth open as if he was about to say something.

"I will tell you."

The features of his tense face relax suddenly.

"But" I added.

"As soon as I tell you, you open the car lock, let me out and leave me alone. " I said slowly hoping he is getting it in mind correct and I very very intentionally stresses the word alone.

He pressed his lips and then bite his lower lip. I think he was hiding a smile.

Yes yes he was.

"What's so funny? "

I have been asking tissue question a lot now?

What I have been? A clown.

Making him laugh every minute.

"I wonder where is that attitude coming from? " then he show his full smile and look ahead for a minute.

"I learn from the best. " I remove the invisible dust from my shoulder and then look up at him to found him biting his lips again to stop that big grin come out.

He know I'm taking about him.

"Yeah so back to the point" I said.

I'm in a business mode. I saw him straight his back too opening his cufflinks and roll his sleeves up.

"Start. " he ordered while rolling his sleeves.

I lift my eyebrow at him but didn't said anything.

He still waiting patiently for me to say something but

"I said start" he look up at me annoyingly.

My mouth hung low.

"Excuse me " I said oh so politely.

He can not order me around.

"Go to hell" I added and look out of the window again.

I saw through the reflection on the mirror how he run a hand through his hair again and again.

"I will ask him myself what's the matter. " I heard him say then I heard him opening the door.

"Ha. Nobody is in there. Moved away already. Two days ago." I said before he could get out of the door.

And the car went still again. No movements.

I meekly turned to him and found him in deep thoughts. I look up and down to him

What's going on in his mind?

"He was supposed to gave a notice or something before he unemploy all the people working here. I will sue him just wait.." with that he pulled out his mobile.

"Stop. He did. He did. One month ago. In fact in written too. And he made sure everybody get job somewhere else before they had to leave. " I defended my poor ex boss.

He stays numb for few moments before he have curiosity biting him again.

"That means you already have a new job." He murmured


"Yes. I have. And I would have been there if you would have just let me go. Not doing all the "I will drop you to work" things. " I almost shouted. All the saved anger coming in use.

"Where is your new work?" He said as he locked the door again and start the engine.

I look at him in disbelief.

Doesn't he get the point.

I don't want him to know where I work.

What's the point now?

"My friend will pick me up. We work at same place. " I said remembering the quick text I send in between our argument.

"When is she coming? He asked.



"Few minutes"

We waited few moments then I saw a black car coming in view. I remember the car.

I hear the door being unlocked and I look up to find randhir holding door open for me.

Chipping a thank you I jump out of the car and as on cue the black car came to a stop just beside us.

The windows roll down and a smiling Eden waves at me.

Yes. My friend is a he.

I wave back and quickly move towards the passenger seat of Eden's car.

From the corner of my eyes I glance at randhir. He was so off guard to react. His jaw was tighten and I can see the nerves of his neck.

Eden nodded at him and roll up his window and the car was moving the next moment.

I look from the mirror how he slammed the passenger door of his car.

Damn he look pissed.

My phone dings with a message.

Randhir: tonight.

Huh ?



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