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"Running away again? "

I hear him say behind me. And this only sentence really made me stop what I was going to do. Running away.

Do I really think this will ever gonna end if I keep running away. I will run and he will follow. A never ending chase.

He will find me again just like he did now. This time I have twins with me too. I can't put their life at stake.

I love my babies. 

I close my eyes as their smiles flash in front of my eyes.

I have to do this for my babies.  I need to end this chase.  I can't run my whole life. We can't run our whole life.

I took a deep breath and collect all my courage and turn around.

For my babies.

I remind myself as my eyes goes back to his.

The glint which dance in his eyes is something new, which I have never seen ever before.

I run my hands down my waist. Not to check my guns this time but to wipe off my sweaty palms. 

I saw his eyes following my every move.

I am sure he must be having done flashback of our past.

Our past lives.

Because in which we are right is really our rebirth.

My twins gave me new life and he probably got his new life after being shot by his own dad.

I still wonder what happen after I left.

"You told me to go."

I remind him.

He look amused as if mocking me like nice way of starting a conversation  for meeting after five years.

He look down for a moment until he look up back to me with something similar to hidden rage in his eyes.

"If a person can shot his own son in the chest without a flinch then he will never hesitate shooting a criminal he had hated from his guts."

He finished in one go and get silent as if give me time to let it settle in my head.

And I literally took that time to let it in. I was numb. Too numb to react. To numb to response.

"Oh" I utter lowly.

"Yeah 'oh'!" he mocks.

After that we get silent again. The look in his eyes never change. Even when I saw his eyes roam up and down to my body and end up again in my eyes nothing changes.

The smirk was permanent and the glint in his was annoying.

Does he know about the twins? No he can't. Or he can? Is he here to take my babies? Oh wait... will he arrest me in front of my babies or he will take my babies first and then arrest me.

James would be shocked when he will know that I'm not hidden anymore.

Exposed. Busted.

"Why are you here?" My words felt strange to my own tongue.

Don't pretend you are not happy to see him alive.

He again look down for a moment and he moved a little. It took me moments to notice that he is. .... he is fucking laughing.

"You already know the answer"

He said after he finished laughing.

No I don't.

I want to shout but I keep myself in control.

Okay maybe I do. I just want a confirmation.

Confirmation of what? Going in prison and getting apart from your twins.

I don't think I will be able to live without them.

And the twins are my life and my..........

Oh holy shit

I suddenly remember why I came here at first place.

Bloody chocolate chips.

And I know if I didn't go down in few moments they will come up to get the chocolate chip on their own.

And it looks like he just read my mind.

"Where are they?"

His voice was calm. Too calm for my liking.

He knows. He fucking already know about the twins.

"I.. I don't know what are you talking about." I shake my head pretend to be confused as I take a step ahead bringing my back away from the door.

"I asked where are they?"

The softness in his voice suddenly gone and I almost felt my breath stuck.

And on the cue I hear soft pair of footsteps pad their way along the stairs.

Oh no. Here we go..

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