Chapter 4.

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Sanyukta pov

"I hope that you are well aware why I'm here." I heard a heavy voice from the other side of the table. I bring my tied hands on the top of the table and took a small glance at the person in front of me.

It's not really difficult to notice the similarities in the facial features of randhir and his dad.

A sudden question erupt my curiosity.

Will my baby inherit these features too?

I am too scared to admit that I want to hold our baby. I want to see who he would look like.

But I know what I deserve. And I don't deserve to be a mother. Even how much I wanted to but I cannot be.

Isn't this what every normal girl get to experience? Not a gangster like me who don't even know if her child's father even know he's gonna be a father or not.

This was the millionth time I would have wished to live a life of a normal girl. And living a normal life.

A throat being cleared got my attention. Again.

"So. .... what are you planning to do now?" Randhir's dad interrogate me quite informally.

And I cannot understand any point of this informal behaviour. I mean, just say why you are here and just leave me and my baby alone.

"You know, you can come to the point. Straight. " I state.

He smirked and it exactly reassemble like randhir's.

Fuck. I hate it.

"Nice. I would like you to sign these documents. " he hold up some papers in his hands.

"And What are these about?" I muttered under my breath, quite sure he heard me right.

"Nothing. Just simple that , obviously, you know that you can't nurture the baby all by yourself alone in this prison. Not that we will let you out any soon. And yeah as the father of the child has completely denied to nurture the baby...

"What.?" I almost gasped unconsciously. I don't know I should sob, or get angry or kill myself. Can he be that cruel? A little part of my heart hoped randhir to have a soft corner for our baby.

But why I was even expecting it? Fuck are these 'the mother hormones' effecting my brain.?

"Don't interrupted me when I'm talking." He stated bringing me out of my thoughts again.

Rude enough.

"So basically these are the abortion papers." He ended.

My already broken heart seem to have a crack again.

"And what if I want to have the child. " I maintained the eye contact.

"Alone? "


"In the prison? "

"In the prison. "

"And you think your child will love you to give this life to him or her.?"

His this sentence hit a nerve. Why I didn't think it before?

The child don't deserve this life. It's not his fault that his mother met all the cruel people of this world and became as cruel as them. It's not his or her fault that their mother is a gangster and their father don't love him or her.

Am I that cruel to give my baby birth and welcome him or her I'm world where nobody will be their's. With whom they will stay? Who will take care of my baby? I'm sure that I'm not supposed to be out of the prison any soon, these people will make sure I won't break out. So now what?

I suddenly feel myself buried deep down. .

I have lost my baby once. I don't want to face it again. But see the irony , I don't have any other option.

Why my life is so fucked up?

Then I took the decision which i know I will regret for my whole life.

"Where do I need to sign?"

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