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"It's just a lunch, sanyukta, come on. We can handle it." Randhir told her through the mirror. Watching her pacing right and left  surely made him nervous too but he chooses not to show any of that. The look on the old couple was surprised and they shocked him too when they invited them on lunch at their house. Surely they want to know what a stranger is doing with her. A stranger whom they surely saw on television on regular basis probably. Taking the fact that the old man used to work as detective too, also added the logic that they surely recognise him from the television. He didn't want to look like he want to impress them but he want to impress them.  Sighing deeply he turn around and stop sanyukta abruptly by holding her shoulders from both hands. The worry is clear in her eyes but he wasn't sure what it was for.

"It's okay. I got this. It will be fine. It's just a lunch." He said looking straight in her eyes.

"No. This is not just a lunch. That's going to be a hell of a interrogation for me. Who are you, And how we met, why I never mentioned you ever before, and for God's sake how I'm supposed to tell them about the past. " she almost wanted to yell at the end but the kids are in the next room.

"I have got this. Just don't say anything. Let me handle this. I have got this clear in my head. I know what I have to say and no, we don't have to tell them the part which you don't want them to know okay. Just let me handle this." Randhir said again letting go of her shoulder after he make her sit on the corner of bed.

"Are you trying to impress them?" The honest question the sanyukta probably made his ear red because she let out a chuckle and get up from the bed.

Loosening the black tie, removing it and opening the top button she smoothen out his collars.


"Want some more juice? " Mr. Cooper ask Randhir but without waiting for any answer, he filled the glass up.

"This is very delicious Mrs Cooper.  I'm glad I was invited. " Randhir praises the old lady who smile delightly at him.

Surely Randhir know he has some charm and he is making sure he use the best out of it.

The lunch is about to come to end not what Randhir was expecting. He was expecting continous questions just like sanyukta was afraid. But till now it's all smooth.

"So ..are you guys a thing? " finally  ask the old man. The look on the sanyukta give away the nervousness and the sudden drop of her fork proved it. He quickly glance at kids and found them looking up keenly.

"Ummm. . Thing?.. like " sanyukta started "actually yes" Randhir ended.

The sudden swipe of sanyukta neck towards him made him look at her too. He just know by the look in her eyes that he is gonna get killed tonight.

" from when? " the old lady, Anna, tried to stop his husband awkwardly but he just continued nevertheless.

This question made him look at her again. Just making sure she is not going to say anything.

"Six months. " Randhir hold back the groan when he felt a heel being stabbed on his leg.

The old couple look weirdly at sanyukta as if saying why you never mentioned this before.

"I told her not to tell anybody. I wanted her out of media. Her and the kids, really matters to me and my profession demands privacy. I hope you understand Mr. Cooper.

"Very well. Very well buddy." The old man patted Randhir on back as he get up. Kids also look up from their plates.

"Can I talk to you in private, buddy?" Old man added.

Randhir gulped. This was something he wasn't expecting.  Getting up and giving a small glance at sanyukta he follow the old man to balcony.

Sanyukta and Anna just look at each other while the kids finish their lunch quietly.

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