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Thaaannnnnkkkkkkk you so much.

I guess he felt the sudden shiver of  my body because he quickly wrapped arms around me.

"Hey. It's okay. I got this. " he pat my shoulder a little before distancing himself from me and going towards the locked door. 

I gulp inaudibly but I felt my throat dry.

I saw his back as he open the door slightly but I can't see anything. I heard him say quitly to whoever is there on the door. Then he shut the door and turn to me.  When he turned he has a box in his hand which was not here before.

"I ordered pizza " he rub his neck nervously.

And I sigh in relief.


I bite my slice of pizza still avoiding his gaze. I know he is looking at me because a side of my face is burning in his gaze.

We continue finishing over that delicious pizza and I managed to ignore him.

I hadn't looked up for the entire time.

I really can't believe myself sometimes. 

I look at little up only seeing his legs, his one foot resting over other knees.

I blushed at the thought that I was sitting there a few minutes ago.

And I want to kill myself for the same thing.

I can't believe that I did that again. Didn't I learn from my mistake.  I clearly remember what happened last time I open up to someone.

I ended up behind the bars.

"Are you avoiding me?"

He made me jump at the sudden question.

"Why would I?  

I said still looking down.

Then we fell silent again.

This time I spoke up first.

"I hope I didn't waste your time much. You can still go to your work right? "

And this time I look up too.

His eyes turn sharply to mine as if he wasn't expecting me asking him to go indirectly.

That was smooth. No?

He looked at me with his judgemental eyes for few moments but eventually looked down and he chuckles to himself.

"What's so funny here?"

I Cross my hand in front of me.

He shake his head and stand up to his full height. Now I have to bend my neck back a little to look in his eyes.

"You could have said directly  if you want me gone"

"I never said that "

"So you mean you want me to stay " he smirked.

"I uh... I have to go to work. You can stay here. Alone. If you want. " I finished talking and grabbed my bag and glancing in the mirror to see if I look presentable enough.

"I will drop you to... "

"No. No. I mean you have work too right. " I try to smile a little to make it more convincing.

"But I can. ."

"No. I will manage. " I smile and move towards the door. Once reaching the door I glance back to wait for him.

I saw him looking at me skeptically before he too followed me down.

I quickly locked the door and turn to him.

But I was slammed onto my closed doors by this huge giant male. I gasped and unconsciously my hands came to his chest. He lean in and I close me eyes.

Is he going to kiss me?

"I . Am. Dropping. You.  To . Work." He said slowly and that's all when I pull himself back and I saw him stepping down one step at a time slowly. 

When he turn down the corner I saw a ghost of smile.


Then I came back to my senses and when I process his words it almost make me slam my head in the door.

Why God. ? Just why?

I pout to myself before going downstairs too.

When I reached downstairs I saw him waiting for see holding door open for me of his car.

I walk slowly to him as if I have my while time in the world.

When I took the seat and saw him coming around taking his seat too,  I sigh.

I know he won't like what he is gonna see.


I know I won't like how he is gonna react.

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