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Sun rays hit my eyes directly when I open my eyes. I flinch and turn around and get back to sleep in the comfortable warm blankets and cocoon myself in the soft bed.


Wasn't it supposed be a concrete floor beneath me?

My eyes shot up as soon as I remember where I am.

I wake up with a jolt and ran a hand smoothly on my belly.

I sigh in relief.

Then I took time to glance up in the room. It was a nice small room with enough furniture. It has a nice and familiar smell in it.

Why do it smells like him?

I gently took the blanket in my fingers bring it close to my nose and take a small sniff.

It's his.

I highly want to ignore the peace and comfort I'm feeling


I don't belong here.

We don't belong here.

With this thought I swiftly get off the bed and pace up down thinking how to get out of here.


I wake up with sun rays on my face

Window. Yes.

I quickly made my way towards the window.  It was a big glass window.  I open the window and glance down only to get upset when I found that I'm many feels above the ground so even if I tried to jump off I'm surely gonna broke my some ribs.

I need to find some other way to get out of here.

But where I'm supposed to go after running from here.

Back to my place?

I don't know but I just know that I want to go far far far away from here and never glance back.

Will the find me?
I hope not.

With this thought I open the door gently and glance outside.

Long corridors and no one in sight.

Yes. That's what I wanted.

With couscous step and glancing around I make my way down.

Hiding from the unknown. I don't even have any gun with me today.

But it's okay. I'm enough for myself.

As I reach the last step,  with still no one in sight, I saw the main gate. Wide open. Only for me to run through them. They look so so inviting.

That's all?

I'm I free now.

The sudden hope of living a normal life motivated me to just run through the doors and never come back.

With last glance around me and make my way to the doors.

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