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Heal Me by XenaraDaolftan
Heal Meby XenaraDaolftan
Damon was happy. He had everything he wanted: a strong family, awesome friends, great grades, a beautiful girlfriend... He had never had any reasons to cry...until the a...
Family is Forever (Sequel to Running on Insulin) by GaylaBer
Family is Forever (Sequel to Goobyloob
When we last left Samantha Deitz, she'd been adopted by Jenna and Tyler Joseph, had met a bunch of their friends and had been taken by who was supposedly her new social...
The Salvation Trials ✔️ by ljumpp
The Salvation Trials ✔️by L. K. Jumpp
Book I of The Mountain 8 mountain packs. 8 Alphas. All with one thing on their mind: win The Salvation Trials. ••• Winnie Melbourne was a force to be reckoned with. As G...
The Christian Girl | ✓ by Dino_Chick
The Christian Girl | ✓by Jennifer G.
My name is Katy Woodland and I'm Christian. I go to Franklin High, and I'm a freshman. I get bullied a lot, because I'm Christian, but I am not going to let that bring m...
Tainted: Book Three - Enslaved by MaryAnnWeir3
Tainted: Book Three - Enslavedby Mary Ann Weir
It's a race against time as Kerry Harker heads home to New York City in search of any clues leading to his missing girlfriend, Gemma Shepherd. The Council of Elders is c...
Percy, Assassin of Nyx by AaronHS
Percy, Assassin of Nyxby Aaron Smith
Percy thought he could trust the gods. He was wrong. They tried to kill him, so he ran away. After two weeks surviving on his own, a mysterious dark figure appeared in f...
Penance of Honor | BOOK 2 ✔️ by -S-N-O-
Penance of Honor | BOOK 2 ✔️by Milan
[BOOK 2] After losing everything, Cassius had begun to spiral down into a sort of depression that would not go away no matter the comfort. As his heart came closer and c...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Tainted, Book One: Possessed by MaryAnnWeir3
Tainted, Book One: Possessedby Mary Ann Weir
Kerry Harker has been possessed by a demon for a decade and has finally reached the end of his endurance. As he stares Death in the face, his salvation appears in the fo...
ABDICATION  by goldndiamonds
ABDICATION by Sonia Yadav
The rain made her wet clothes stuck to her body like second skin. He could see the pale skin from now see through material. The cool air made her shudder but that wasn't...
The Boss Lady's Man by CaitlynRachelC
The Boss Lady's Manby Caitlyn Coker
"Look, Toni. Not everyone who comes into your life is there just to use you. Some people are there because they really do care about you" Erik's calmed voice o...
A Wattpader's Devotional; to get a little closer to God by haleighbook
A Wattpader's Devotional; to get haleighbook
This is a FREE devotional that can help you if you need a little guidance. There's no shame in coming here, and all are welcome. Jesus loves you. I know I'll probably ge...
A Pastor's Daughter's Diary by PeculiarPraise
A Pastor's Daughter's Diaryby Praise Abraham
The Supernatural Diaries Series: Book One Radiance Abraham is, unexplainably, the only daughter-the only child-of Reverend Kennedy Abraham, the senior pastor of The Rede...
Silenced by Kheinnox
Silencedby Kheinnox
#4 of the Blessed Moon Sequel... its supposed to be 2.5 since this is the story of alexander and murens son but its much better to read warm thirst first to fill in the...
My Salvation (Female Depressed Izuku X Male OC) by InstinctiveGokuBlack
My Salvation (Female Depressed InstinctiveGokuBlack
In My Hero Academia, before receiving One For All, Izuku shows signs of depression and PTSD when he's on the rooftops and when hes being bullied after class. This is a s...
To Be Made Whole (A Christian Romance) by thywordisalamp
To Be Made Whole (A Christian Briana T.S.
Highest Ranking: #1 in Christian Girl Annalise Carpenter is a 21 year old college student who is pursuing a degree her parents chose for her. After the death of her sist...
incomplete burnings by UNWILTED
incomplete burningsby 𝒁.
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Following Christ by llovesmith
Following Christby _LoveSmith_
This book is written to encourage us in our faith and walk with Christ. This book will discuss our relationship with God as well as Christianity in general. It will also...
THE BLOODY THRONE  by feriwrites
Trying some new concept. It is a historical fiction, consisting of my imaginary 'MALIK DYNASTY' , where Queens are going to rule their QueenDom. Don't try to steal the...
IN LOVE'S EMBRACE  by Prexxie06
IN LOVE'S EMBRACE by Lady Tabitha
JOHN PEIRCE A Daredevil, vile, wicked, stubborn, manipulative, malicious and hurting beyond what the human eyes could see. ALAINE DAVIES Beautiful, graceful, devout chri...