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I shift in my bed as I hear shouting voices. My eyes suddenly open wide and all my sleep gone when I recognise the voices belongs to none other than my babies.  I almost strand up from my bed and jump down along with the blanket. The blanket that tangled in my legs almost makes fall with a thud bit I don't care. I swiftly stood up and run to my babies room.

When I literally barged into their room my heart beat was high.

"My dinosaur will crush your whole castle now ha ha ha ha"

"My prince will cut the tail of your dinosaur into pieces and then my princess gonna be so happy. "

"I will throw your Princess to the pond with the frogs first."

"Hey.yyyy no. Don't touch my princess."

"He he he he..I'm a big big dinosaur and now I'm gonna take your princess..."

"Hey noooooo you stupid. Mommmmmyyyyy he is taking my princess"

I am  almost hyperventilating at what I'm seeing right now.

"What are all these?" I can only manage to ask as I am too shocked to process anything.

"Toys mommy" they both said as this is the most obvious thing in the world.

Because it is the obvious thing sanyukta.

I step inside cautiously minding not to crush any toy beneath my feet.

Damn I can't even see the food anywhere. The whole fucking floor is covered with toys. I somehow managed to crush the tail of a stuffy turtle and then I managed to slip over a ball before almost falling over their little bed where they both are.

"Where do you get these from?"

I took my time to observe the room a little which is totally  different from last night I saw it.

And when I look back at them they were looking at me with their mouth open.

"You didn't bring them." Sana asked as she look down at toys spread on the floor.

Now what I'm suppose to tell them should I say

'Your dad bring them '

No sanyukta. Be more descriptive

'You both remember the super detective you both saw on TV and then suddenly he was in our house. He is your dad.'

Nah nah this is not gonna work.

'You both want to know who your dad is '  for fuck sake sanyukta is it even a question.

I tried to open my mouth but said nothing.

They both looked at each other like they are talking in their own language.

"You both hungry ?"

Did I just asked if they are hungry when I should be telling them the truth in which their existence depends.

Good job.

"Let's eat ice cream. " Dheer scream as he run to the kitchen and Sana too followed him. Here I was left alone with myself.

How I'm gonna even tell them?

I should tell .....

I was stunned by the shrill shout I heard from outside the room and I was again running for my babies.

"What happened? " I asked as I reached to the kitchen and saw them standing normally.

Then they looked at each other and smiled devilishly as they open the door of refrigerator for me to see.

I almost gasp as I took quick steps to the counter.

Chocolates. There are fucking chocolates and ice-cream everywhere. It's fucking loaded with sweats.

When I look back at them they have a glint in their eyes. They are happy and I can definitely see that.

"Only one chocolate " I mutter before picking out one chocolate for myself too.


Damn my heart beat was high. I'm scared. I'm nervous. I feel like running away.

Will he be sitting on the couch just like yesterday?


Will he ask me if I told twins about him?

Of course he would.

It's been more than twenty four hours and I haven't gotten any chance where I could tell them about him.

First getting ready from school, then school,  then my job at ten restaurant and now when I came late I found out that they already slept in old couple house. I didn't want to wake them up now so it means they will slept downstairs tonight and I have to slept alone here

I hate seeping alone.

I quietly unlock the door and scan the whole apartment for any glimpse of him.

No. Nada.

I sigh with relief and quickly lock the door and make my way into the shower. After showering an changing only into my night dress I slip into my bed.

My eyes feel heavy they are almost dying to drop shut.

And then I gave up. I shut my eyes and snuggle closer to my blanket but my eyes shot open again as I hear the door of my apartment getting unlock.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

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