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I decide to assemble her stuff in her room until she wake up. So I open her little bag which was resting in the corner of the bed. Normal sets of clothes and some personal emergencies stuff. One thing in particular got my attention. I dig my hand past the clothes to the bottom of the bag and touch the glassy material of the frame.  I pull the frame out and look keenly at him.

Why I never saw this at her house?

A kind old person with white hairs smiled at a small girl of around six years as she return a toothy grin to the person. They both were looking at each other in the picture as the old man look down at young girl. The young girl  have a dimpled wide grin. It looks like the young girl was just tickled hard, her grin was so bright.

Looking keenly at the girl face I instantly know who she is.

Damn. Now My baby is gonna be cutest too. Thanks to the baby's mother.

Then I looked at the old man keenly.

Had I met him? The face looked little familiar. Oh maybe sanyukta has got some features or maybe not.

I just brush the thought.

I put down the photo frame near the bed.

But why she kept a so beautiful picture hidden.

I sigh and move back to the work. 

One day this room will be filled with my baby picture.

Me and my baby.

And a sudden question hit my nerve. Won't sanyukta should be in those pictures too? Will she stay with us? Is there any chance?

And for the fact of the papers I signed I have made a point that I will hand her over to them as soon as I get the baby. Selfish ? Yes but I need to do it. It was for her safety too.

My dad brought me up alone and I can bring up my baby alone too.

A knock on the door bring me out of my thoughts and I saw a familiar face opening the door.

"Hello doctor"


"She's been taking a lot of stress in last days and her blood pressure is very low from what it should be. It can be very dangerous for the baby. " the doctor give me the reports after she did a normal checkup.

I just nodded and I feel the sudden guilt coming back again but I brush it off. It's not the time to sit and cry.

"And I want to know if she is slipping meals?  " the doctor said softly looking down at the reports as we sit down across the bed beside sanyukta.

"Yes. She is getting moody nowadays. "

"She will be having cravings now so don't freak out or don't stop her just try to give her what she want." Said the doctor.

"And try to keep her happy as much as you can because the baby will be happy as much she is.   Anxiety and stress can be beaten real issue here. " doctor warned from her eyes as she handed me the reports and tell me more about some medicines and then she stood up to leave.

"Thank you doctor. " I offered a farewell handshake and she accept it.

After smiling gently towards sanyukta she chipped a little "congratulations " anxiety went away. I took leave too to bring the necessary medicines she might need.

I just hope she don't woke up now.

And I notice that dad is also not home right now so it's better if do the outside work now.

Because I can't trust dad when it's come to her.

Thank you for reading.


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