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"I'm not stripping " I snapped.



"Nervous? "


"Turned on?"


"Want to wear clothes? "


What ?

"Yes..I mean yes. I want to wear some clothes so will you please bother getting yourself out of my sight? " I said rolling my eyes and eyeing the door telling him to leave.

He only smile at me innocently.

For one second I was like awwwww....

Mother hormones. Ugh

"Why can't you change in front of me? " he asked smiling widely

"Because. ..

"Just because your clothes are in the packed bag beneath the bed." He smirked.

Oh my fuc..Holy Angels

"I u mm. ." I tuck a strand beneath my ear. "What are you talking about?  I have no idea what are you saying?" I try to look as much confused I can be.

He smiled and pointed behind me. When I furness around I see a mirror in which I look myself back at me. When I see around the mirror I found him smiling at the mirror and then he pointed down. My eyes went down on the mirror and fall on the bed he was sitting. 

The bag is clear in the view because of the unmade bedsheets.

How does he know that it's packed?

Then I saw him in the mirror pointing at the wardrobe behind him.

Which was empty.

I looked down.

I was embarrassed.

I was nervous.

I was anticipating his next move.

What he will do now?

Send me back again to prison?  Lock me in more secure room? Maybe in a basement?  Tie me up just like he said once?

Suddenly I feel something brush at the nape of my neck.

When I look up at the mirror, my eyes met his in the mirror.

He gently brushed away my hairs from my neck and  let them fall over my shoulder till my waist line.

Suddenly I'm forgetting how to breath.

The power in his eyes was so intense I can't look away.

He kean his head in without breaking the eye contact and I lost  it when his soft lips touch the skin of my neck.

My knees became jelly but his warm arms surround my Waist on perfect time and hold me at place.

We were so close. My back was almost plasters to his whole front. The heat of his body radiates to mine. And I could feel my heart beating fast and I sure he could feel it too.

His lips stayed there with unbreakable eye contact. Suddenly I saw something glint in his eyes. Mischief. Power. Control.  Lust.

I can tell how proud he was seeing me in his control. And the little smirk just proved my assumption right.

I open my mouth to say something but nothing came out because at the same moment he decide to plant a series of soft kisses down to my shoulder while his hand hold me in his perfect hold.

I try to say to say something again but he made it impossible as he kept showering kisses on all over my neck. My head fall back on his shoulder giving him more skin to cherish, which he gladly accepted.

A loud moan escaped my lips when he mischievously bite down at the nape of my neck.

I feel something brush over the knot where the towel was tucked.

His fingers linger over the delicate   knot.

Is this happening?

For real?

And I'm letting this happen?

His fingers suddenly halt it's movements and then I look up in the mirror into his eyes.

When I look up I found myself panting hard. It's like I had a marathon.

I saw his lips going up to my ears and he whispered on so softly which create jolts of shiver run down my spine.

"Stop me now because I really don't think I can. "

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