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My eyes shot open with a a jerk and I came back to my senses. My hand went to his arms around me and with a gentle push to his chest  with my shoulder. In next moments I have swiftly pinned him to the couch next to us.

By the look on his face I can tell I caught him off guard. His expression are hilarious I can't help myself with the smirk that spread to my lips.

"You maybe a detective but I am a gang leader." British

He seem to get back to his senses and stared at me.

He just stare at me.

And then suddenly he smirk.

What..oh no.

I suddenly feel my towel knot get loose and in next moment he got up with me swiftly in his arms holding the towel between us so it won't slip away and then clutch it tightly behind my back.

I can't breath anymore. 

"Correction. " he muttered "I'm a detective and you was a gang leader."

Oh I won't lie. That's fucking hit a nerve.

Yes I said a curse word. And I let my baby hear it.

I try to hit him as hard as I could with my knee but he was fast to move but joke on him because in next second I pull him hard toward me

"you are definitely result of a broken condom."

I commented and pushed him hard.

I quickly and swiftly snatch away and hold the towel secure around me.

He fall on the couch behind him and but he was laughing before I turn to go in bathroom.

"Were you trying to hurt me with your words? " he laugh "That was a lame one though." Laugh " Better luck next time" laugh.

When I close the door behind me I can still hear his laugh resonating in the room.

"I need to do something "



I move out of the room when I think I will find no one in my room.  And guess I was right. He was not on the room.

My room was empty and silent. I quickly move towards the bed and pull my bag out. 

I got dressed and when my belly growled at me I think you eat something.  So I get down to the kitchen and began to find something to eat. As I was shuffling with the things to eat I notice something.

I can't see anybody around.

And I felt a shiver ran down my spine. I felt like I'm being watched. I took some steps back and I am really missing my gun right now.

I took hold of the vase and hold it securely in my hand. 

I took some steps again out of the kitchen and ran my eyes around the whole hall.

No one. 

Not randhir. Not his dad.  Not any servant.  I quickly move to the big glass window and look out. Damn where is the gardener and the guards.

My heart beats faster I am having a creepy feeling right now.

It's okay sanyukta maybe they all just gathered together to discuss something. All of them? Maybe.

I took a deep breath.

I put a hand securely over my belly.

I can't let anything happen to my baby. 

Yes I was a gang leader and I am a mother now. A protective mother.

You all know which one is more dangerous to deal with.

I sense some shuffling behind me and I went stiff.

I turn around smoothly and a hand quickly covered my mouth and I look up to see who it is.

Oh no.

It's impossible.

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