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"Is this that cliché night where we both end up in bathtub and we kiss." He mumble still in the water. Sanyukta could still feel the smile in his voice. 

"Yes. In your dreams, after you sleep." She breathed and saw him moving as he chuckle.

He finally face her and all the tiredness which she saw once was nowhere to be seen. He looks fresh as flowers. She know he is about to say something. That something can be weird or it could make her blush.  Not to be in any case she decide to chip in.

"Consider getting dressed and come out to eat the dinner I'm preparing. " getting on her toes she moves out leaving him there.

He could have done something to stop her but the thought of eating food make his stomach grumble too.


She woke up with a feeling of being pressed down.  Opening her eyes she saw her own reflection in the mirror in front of the bed.

Buy she wasn't alone staring in the mirror. The person above her also stare deeply into the mirror. Is he also praising the fact that they look good together? She didn't want to move. Even if she can't breath properly right now. The way his head rest over her back and his one arm literally covering her arm. But she is not going to protest. She doesn't want to.  Though her spread hairs are doing a good job in hiding her face but she could still feel his burning gaze on her face. The thought of moving is already making her sad.  No because she have to wake up, it's because she will have to come out of this dream. This real dream where everything is going to be perfect.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath she decided to woke up.

"Stay." His voice make a vibrating feeling on her back.

"They need to get ready for school." I told him.

"It's ten in the morning and they already left for school. "

I blink my eyes as I register his words.  Suddenly all the sleep is gone now and all I want is to curse my alarm. 

I sit up with a jolt making him fall on his back. I ignored the groan of protest that he let out.

"Where is my phone?" I searched the bed frantically.  Not able to find it I looked at him. He tried his best to make it look he has not something to do with it. But I know it's only him who has to do with it.

Asking him will be waste of time. Deciding to take a bath first I quickly get off the bed, taking some clothes I get into the bathroom.

Coming out of the bathroom I didn't see him anywhere but when I went out of the room I saw him right there, on the dining table,  filling a glass with juice. I looked down at the two plates he is serving in. Getting near the table I sat down after muttering a thank you when he put a plate in front of me.

He sat on his chair in front of me and we both eat out breakfast silently. 

I don't want to talk and bring the events of last night in any conversation. I hope that I didn't crossed any lines yesterday and the fear that he will bring it up made her gulp down her food quickly.

Finishing the food she take both of the plates and move to the put the dishes in the kitchen. He also followed behind her. Not knowing what he want she look up at him but he just nodded his head in no and look away.

"I was wondering if you would like to..." he started but he stop suddenly.

She wondered what is was about to say.

"That I would like to.." She repeated encouraging him to complete.

"I ..." a sudden knock on the door made both of them to look at the front door.

As she is busy with the dishes he decided to get the door.

Opening the door he was stilled for a minute because he was sure he never met her before.

"Who is there?" Sanyukta make her way behind him and get on her toes to see from over his shoulder.

And there she saw the old couple. Looking at each other with  confusion and then at randhir. Sure they have seen him on TV. But the question what is he doing in my house is surely won't let them sleep tonight.

And I might have lot of explaining to do.

Thank you do much.

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