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I huffed as I sit on the bed. How can he even expect me to come downstair and eat.

And eat with him

Out of all the people in the world.

But I can't lie to myself I'm dying by lack of energy in my body. It's a miracle how much the water is showing its magic.

Now I know how much lie they when the youtuber says

"see guys I was only drinking water for 1 week and see this is the result, my glowing and flawless skin. Oh my god"



And here I look like a zombie who is almost about to die again.

I ran my hand over my belly again.

I need to do this. At least for my baby.

With that I move out of the room. Gently making myself walk downstairs while taking the view in.

This house is amazing.

Big doors invite a huge amount of light in and the light is making shine every reflecting object. And everything here in this house is cleaned until it shine like a a mirror. In short, this whole house is shimmering. In shorter, it's ridiculously amazing.

I was in awe when a voice brought my out of the trance.

"Breakfast is here. "

I blinked a few time little embarrassed,  I don't even know why.

I make my way to the voice until I see him standing near the dinning table only waiting for me to arrive.

When I move closer he pull a seat for me to sit down.

I ignore him to the fullest and pull another seat for me and sit down. I hear him sigh and sit right in front of me. But I didn't look up. I don't want to.

Then he order someone to serve us and then a lady show up with trays in her hand and began to serve me and him.

My mouth suddenly waters at the sight of food. But why he is eating here?

It's his house sanyukta.


I began to start with the sandwich and try to eat it decently not like I'm hungry from ages. As soon as I gulp down the bite, damn, it's really nice to have something in your stomach.

Within minutes I'm done with my served breakfast.  I stop myself from asking more and stop myself from even looking up and that doesn't mean I'm not aware that his eyes were so fixed on me for the whole time.

I lift my lashes a little to see he hadn't started eating.

Is he fuckung insane? Who ignore food when it's in front of them?

You did it too sanyukta. He isn't alone.


I began to get up from the seat and pick up my dishes to get them to kitchen.

"Don't bother. She will do it." I heard his voice

And now he said not to do this now I'm bound to do this.

So I pick the plates and put them in the sink where the lady was already washing dishes.

She smiled at me when she saw me.

"I hope you like the breakfast maam"

"Please call me sanyukta, and yes it was delicious. " I smiled back at her.

"Thank you maam"

"Please call me sanyukta. You are older than me and I don't like it when someone call me maam"

Liar liar .

Everybody used to call you maam few days ago sanyukta.

Suddenly I feel another presence beside me and when I turn I came face to face with him.

The look in his eyes show uncertainty and the sudden grip on my hand made me bewildered.  But I don't want to make any drama.

He dragged me to the room I slept in and I snatched my hand away.

"What is your problem? " I shouted.

And then the look he give to me.

Oh God. 

Is he going to kill me?

"My problem?

What is my problem sanyukta?

You really want to know it now?


Really? "

One step towards me with each question.

But I need to show that I'm not scared of him so I didn't back out. I keep standing at my place.

And within those few steps he was near me.

Morning incidents hit me like a brink and I pushed him hard.

He stumbled back a little.

"I h.hate you randhir." and then I then I lost it.

"You ruined everything " then I broke down. I began sobbing but I need to cry harder if I want to relieve myself with some stress.

"Leave me alone for sometime. "

But he didn't move.

"Please I beg you. Leave me alone. " my knees had almost gave up on that moment but luckily he decide to move and go out of the room.

And then I cried harder. Pushing my face in the blankets to decrease my sob but it didn't help.

And somehow I know that he is just outside the closed doors.

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