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"Have you got any hold on your dad?" The old man ask.

"No sir." Randhir sigh sadly putting both hands on the edge of the balcony.

"Does sanyukta know about .."

"No. No sir. Not yet. " randhir cutting the sentence of his role model from childhood.

Randhir still remember how broken he was when he find out that sanyukta ran away. The fact that his own father tried to kill him was adding to his already broken self. That's when he realised that he need to see the person he has always look up when he grew up. His teacher, his role model, the person who always showed her the way whenever he is in trouble. Deciding to meet him, he called him and called him.

And that day listening him through the phone he heard a voice in the background. And that voice reached to his soul directly. The sudden rising heartbeat and the feeling of finding the precious gem of your life hit him hard. But he wasn't sure what to do next. What if she tried to run again. And maybe this time fate won't have this mercy on him.

After meeting him later that day he told him the highlights of his life which happened recently. From the starting til the end. He was waiting for an reaction which he never got. The old man just stand up and walk out.

Randhir was heart broken that day.

But later in the night a new hope bloomed in his heart when he received a text from the old man.

"You are a worthy student randhir. Maybe if you could prove your worth for my daughter one day, i may think about helping you. "

And that was the night everything changed. And today he is a new randhir. All thanks to this old man standing in front of him.

"You know your kids are smarter than you were at that age." And they both laughed at this.

The nervousness leaving his body slowly. Now he felt stupid from being so nervous and conscious before. He want to thank the couple for being the support of his love. She was brave, they made her strong. They gave her the love her patents never gave her.

"So? Am I worthy for your daughter now, sir?" Randhir smile a little but gods knows his heart was leaping out from his ribs anticipating the answer.

The old man just smile and turn around to move in.

"We take mutual decision. Your aunt should have a equal say in this. This is the matter of our daughter after all. " he moved in patting his back.

The way he patted his back. It's resembles how he used to pat his back after a success.

Randhir knew he got it.

Smiling to himself he get in and adore the kids who were gulping down the ice-cream Anna made. Mr. Cooper helped aunt in kitchen. Then he saw her. Her pretty cute beautiful self. He really liked her dress but he won't mind ripping it off. The urge to hold her in his arms grew more and more with every passing second.

He know he has to win her heart too.

Making his way behind her, he slide his hands up her waist getting a squeal of fright in return.

Sanyukta blinked her eyes a few times and huffed at him, rolling her eyes.

"Be ready for being killed by me tonight. " she gritted her teeth.

"Won't you ask my last wish before killing me." He chuckled

"And what would that be?" She squint her eyes removing the invisible dust over his shoulder.

"I want to make love to you."

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