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Randhir's dad pov.

"What?" I almost gasped in the phone and abruptly stand up from my desk making all the stuff on the table fall down. 

He can't be serious.

I ran a hand into my hairs frustratingly.

He can't be that stupid.

"Tell me from the beginning. " I hope for the best that I might have mistaken in listening my dear friend.

My friend sound upset. Upset for me.

How can Randhir do this?

"I feel like killing both of them." I said frustratingly. I feel my nerves are about to burst.

I was so happy when I handed him this mission. I somewhere knew that he would do some mistakes for sure but I never knew that his mistakes would make me do compromise with my reputation.  Reputation which I have build by my hard work. I never let him suffer. I always give him what he wanted. And now a gangster had him in her blackmagic. She is using him for herself.  He don't know he us just so naive. I knew this is the habit of all the women. His mother was the same and so is that gangster. I can't let a women ruin my reputation like this. I have never bow down to anyone and now she think I will bow down to her.  Never.

And on the top of that my dear son, who really think that his love is suffering. He went all the way to the prison to meet her and God knows what he is planning to do. From the way he burst out of the door this morning I can guess he is not going to end up in favor of abortion. And why the hell he need to read the papers. He don't trust me anymore?  Is it because of that girl. Yeah of course. I will make sure she suffers a lot. I just hate her so much. I will make her life a living hell. And I will make sure Randhir know how worthless these women are. I will knock some sense in him. And I just hope he never figured out what I have done to him. It's a secret which I can't keep to myself for long. He will know it somehow but I hope not now.

He was going out. Everything would have fall into the place.  Why would I need to show him the papers? Hell.

I just feel like killing her.

I will make sure....

Wait. .
Wait ..

Why I didn't think it before?

All my frustration just blow up suddenly as my mind begin to run through the opportunities I can use in my favor.

My friend tried to say something but I brush it off.

"Sorry. Need to go. I have to welcome my son and......" I could contain my smile anymore.


Thank you for reading.
(I know it was short 😅)

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