chapter 29

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My hold on their hands get tighter as we cross the road at red light. I am told focused to reach home as soon as possible. I'm already late for work. Handling two jobs at one time can be quite packed up actually and it take you to a point when you are tired as hell to even keep your eyes open.

I glance down at my babies who are two busy in savoring the taste of their ice creams.

Only a look through them and my heart bloom like a sunflower.

I am never getting used to of the looks people gave us while we walk down the road. Sometimes it's amusement. And sometime it's all heart eyes and sometimes it's like they are adoring the looks off my babies together.

I used to get really scared at first when people used to stare at us for longer.  My first thought will be assuming are these people related to my past?

I always have a paranoid feeling at the back of my head. It's like someone is watching us but every time I turn around its always people with heart eyes adoring my kids.

But being a mother I'm always careful. I mean I have to be careful. 

My day strata with waking them up then getting dressed all of us.  Then we go to school. They go for studying and I for teaching. It was James idea actually that I need to be close to them as possible. So after our school we go back to our home, kind of I drop them home mad then I go to this small restaurant at the end of block where I work for another half of my day. Then after dinner we go to bed.

Please include all the homework,  cleaning,  cooking, movie time, playtime, family time, park and many other things daily and over the weekend.

And I swear the old couple is a blessing from tell God

I don't know what I will do without them.

"Mom please don't take this way" said Sana.

"This way is so longggggg mom" little Dheer whine.

This have been my routine to change our way back home. You know just in case....

"We will buy chocolate chips. " I bribe them.

Yes I am spoiling my kids. And no i don't regret it.

After some more walking we are knocking the door of old couple's house.

The door open wide and the shine of her smile melted my heart.

"Grannnnnnoooooo " twins rushed into her almost knocking her off.

And she just chuckle in return.

I smile  and give her a little hug and turn around back outside to go to my another job.

Life surely get tiring sometimes.

But it's far more better then my last could ever be.

And it would be perfect if he would be in it too.

Thank you soo muchhhhhhhhhh
Lots of love.


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