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"Don't.  Just don't. Don't you dare to come near me." Sanyukta shuffle vigorously in her chair pulling hard at the refrains holding her hands back.

"Uh uh. I don't think you would like to wake the kids up by shouting or struggling. I will keep it simple and slow and silent. I promise. " Randhir chuckle to himself. No doubt he is enjoying this.

"No. don't. " she look up nervously into his eyes which suddenly made him stood his movements. Though he was just kidding but seeing her scared of him doing something to her didn't sit well in his stomach.

"You know that I won't hurt you. " he try to reassure her but he felt disappointed when she didn't respond.

He looked away. All the playfulness leaving his system as he remember what made him do this at the first place.

"Okay I won't do it." He said putting the back clip back into his pocket.

"But in return you will do what I say." He rest his palms on the table on either side of her.

She shake her head in disbelief and almost scoff. "It's a trap.  It's a trap" she muttered to herself.

"What now? " he laugh this time.

"Why are you still scared? It's not like I will tell you to give me a lap dance or doing a strip show for me." He make his way in front of her now.

"Yet" he added.

He turn her chair around. The chair make a squeaky sound with the floor and then he pull a chair in front of her and sit down.

"So now " he took a deep breath and let it out as  long sigh.

"My favourite part. " he muttered to himself.

"I can do this all day." He look up at her as he placed his both palms on her knees. She shuddered suddenly and he liked that. He tug lightly at her knees and pull her close.  Now there knees are touching.

"It's simple. " he rub small circles on her knees with his thumb and Sanyukta tried her best not to gulp down nervously.

"I ask and you answer."

Sanyukta roll her eyes muttering incoherent words.

"This is not a case, Mr. Detective" she spat and click her tongue shaking her head no.

"This is not a case. This is a question of life and death." Randhir breathed slowly.

"Life and death? " Sanyukta can't hide the confusion in her voice.

"Eden's. Duh" said Randhir moving his palms up as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

Sanyukta's jaw hang low.

"Don't you dare touch him. Don't you dare touch his single hair. Don't you dare. Just. Don't " Sanyukta seethe from her teeth.

"Do you love him?" Sudden question from Randhir made Sanyukta blink her eyes several times. Then there was a silence as they both just stare at each other.

"Ew no. You are gross. He is like a brother to me. Idiot. " she scrunch her nose in disgust.

"You don't?" Ask Randhir is disbelief but somehow he was unable to hold back the relief he felt in his heart. So he want to hear it again.

"No. I don't love him. For God's sake. Don't tell me you were thinking about this all day " said Sanyukta leaning her head a little to the side and squinting her eyes.

"All day?" Randhir chuckles darkly.

"Every hour. Every minute. Every second of the day." He breath each word out.

"It's not like I will be in love with every guy you see me with." Spat Sanyukta.

"Every guy I see you with? How many more guys are there? " Sanyukta feel him getting exaggerated.

"Stop it." Sanyukta whisper yelled.

Then it felt silent again. Randhir was so distracted in his thoughts that he didn't realise when Sanyukta freed her hands from the restrains she was trying to open from so much time while talking.

But Randhir was swift with his movements.

As soon as Sanyukta decided to stand up to make a move Randhir decide to yank her by her waist and now she was on top of him.

She yelp at the sudden movement and struggled hard to get free from his grip.

"Stop. " the authority in his voice made her look up at him. His eyes carry something darker than his black orbs.

Sanyukta let out a shaky breath before she stop struggling and settle down. It totally gives Randhir a better grip around her waist pressing her down on him. With her legs either side of her.

His palm ran down the length of her arm until it reaches her palm. Holding I from the back he bring it up to his chest. Placing his above his heart he look down in her eyes. She could feel and almost hear the

Thump Thump Thump.

And she knew her heart is bearing in the same manner.

"Did you felt that? This is what you do to me." He murmured closing his eyes for a second as if savoring the feel of her hand over his heart.

This is her home. This is where she lives. In his heart. From all these years. He never let anybody else get there. But today seeing her with another man just made him think what if she will find  someone better than him. What if somebody else made her feel safer than he ever could. What if someone else made her feel good than he ever could.

He can't let this happen now. Can he?

"You know you are mine right. " with his he snaked a hand to the back of her head and slammed their lips together.

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