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Randhir pov...

"Are you sure Randhir you want to do this? " my dad's friend said patting my back softly. 

I nodded softly to him and he lift up a pen in front of me. I half smiled at him and move to the desk where the papers were.

I took a deep breath and close my eyes.

I hope I'm doing the right thing.


"There she is sir." Said the person who showed me the way to the room where she is locked.

The man shuffle with the keys in his fingers and struggled to unlock the door. The bunch of keys slipped from his slick fingers and fall on ground with enough jingles.

But it was enough to bring  attention of one special  person for whom I'm here.


I am collecting the courage to look into her eyes in the mean time the bars are being unlocked.

The man hold the door open for me and weirdly smiled at me. He also know what I'm signing for. I nod at him and move.

Then I took one step and I'm inside the bars.

I always use to wonder what do one feels when they enters a lion or lioness den? 

I think know I can clearly relate.

Now it's the moment.

My lashes move up and there she is.

I almost gasped at the state I have put her in.

She look destroyed.

Her hair dishevelled. Sunken face. Her body seems weak.

But her eyes... her eyes still have the same confident..same pride. ..same courage in them. 

She seems lost in her trance. She must be thinking she is dreaming because I,  a coward, have guts to be in front of her?  Only in dreams right.

She stay in trance until I took one more step closer and she frantically blink her lashes and her first instinct was to bring her both arms around her belly. As if protecting her baby.. our baby...from my eyes. From me.

Did I told you I was heart broken?

So now I'm hundreds times more heart broken than I was before.

She is afraid of me. She think I can harm our child.

Obviously. If we go back to what you have done to her it should be obvious that she should be scared of you.

Mocks my brain.

I just clench my fists because I have just found myself in a situation where I can't go forward, can't go back, can't say a word without choking on my building tears.

Come on randhir. Remember why you came here.

I took a deep breath and sigh.

The look in her eyes was too innocent to ignore.

I played with that innocence.
I played with her heart.
I played with her love.
I played with her trust.
I played with her life.

I am more surprised with her silence right now. I would have imagined myself dead by now.

I close my eyes and turn back.

"Pack her bag."

I said to the person standing outside waiting to lock the bars again.

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