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James keep leading me out of the doors and then main foreign and finally we are on the driveway where a car just ed pulled up. A man sitting in their give a 'clear' signal to James and James nodded and increase his speed while he keep dragging me by my arm.

Why my steps are so slow? I should be running like my life depend on it but here James have to literally drag me out of here. Am I having a second thought about leaving?  No I cannot.

And James has put his life at stake to save me. I can't just resist and ruin his all effort.

Why do I even want want to resist.?

Sanyukta... come on be a woman and face it. You need to get out of ere for your baby. James is here to help only you and your need to trust him.

I took a deep breath and male my mind.

We were just few steps away from the car in which we were supposed to run away but then I hear

"No Sanyukta. Don't "

Oh no its randhir.

I slightly turn to look away to him.

He looked devastated somehow.

My heart almost leap out seeing him like that.

"Sanyukta I bring you here on my responsibility. So you and the baby are my responsibility and I can't let you go okay. So now back here. Right now" his rage made him shout at top of his voice.

Responsibly?  Fucking responsibility?  So we are just a responsibility. 

I can't help the tear forming in my eyes but I didn't show him and turn away and began to run away.

"Sanyukta..... " I heard him shout behind me.

"Dad no." He shout and sound suddenly alerted.

When I look back in found his dad holding a gun at my direction.

"Sanyukta run" James said behind me but my legs seem to wobble.

"Dad no. Don't. Just don't. " randhir almost pleased sound warily.

"You put at sake your whole career and your whole life for this girl. Yesterday you pointed a fucking gun at me for this girl. You were ready to go to the jail for this  girl and here she is running away to die. " his dad shouted make me stop running.

I look back and saw randhir consciously stepping in direction of his dad trying to get hold of his gun.

"Dad look, dad we will talk about it. Dad just don't fucking shoot." Groan randhir.

"Stop me once more and I shoot you before her." Everybody can find the truth in his words.

But randhir being randhir.

"Dad don't. ...."


With that my eyes widen as I saw everything happening in slow motion. His dad moving his gun from me to randhir and with the gun sound randhir fall on his knees, instinctively,  putting a hand on his now bleeding chest.

"Randhir oh no" I sob and run in his direction but James pulled me back to him.

"James ...randhir" number of sobs left my mouth. I was never this weak before.

"No James let me go.." I snatched my arms from his hold and step away from him.

But randhir voice stop me.

"Go sanyukta"

What .

No way.

"What ? no.... " I almost shout

"Sanyukta come. He shot his own son. He won't spare you. Think about your baby." James requested as he pulled me again.

"But randhir..." I almost murmured feeling all my energy drained away just watching him falling on the hard concrete.

I felt numb. Tears keep streaming down.  I wiggle and struggle in james arms to let me go but he didn't. In fact one more man join him and pushed me in the car.

Before the vehicle start moving I glance back at his dad who is staring at his own hands and then at randhir's fallen body. 

It's like he just realised what he had done.

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