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Before today she used to thought that working online won't go well with her. But Damn how she regretted not trying it earlier now. Staying at home and spending time with twins feel much more convenient than leaving kids alone in house while run around for sale of money.

Spending all day with kids and doing some work which she had started online, she didn't realise when the day ended. Serving the dinner, all she think about was the empty seat in front of her. Though she has made for him top but she doubt he would show up today too. That's what happening from past five days. He don't show up.

But the warm bedsheets beside her every morning let her know that he was here. But the way he is ignoring her, she is unable to digest it. It's something which is making her heart unsettle.

She know he come. Probably after she sleep but he left early too. She is beginning to feel like he don't want her to see him. Or he don't want to see her. Or both

She was sure that the grudge is only against her because the twins today told her that their Super D visited their school today. He even appointed  Jace to pick up and drop them daily.

She close the laptop and rub her eyes. She decide not to sleep tonight. She want to see when he come and want to ask him what is he think he is doing.

She won't tell him that she don't like him ignoring her but she is definitely gonna lie him to stop coming to us if he doesn't mean to stay.

Yawning and rubbing her eyes she get up to drink a glass of water.

Muttering dont sleep to her again and again she took her place on the couch again.

Her head keep dropping to the left and her eyes begging her to close them. Unknowingly she gave in and her drop on the couch. 


Heavy footsteps and the feeling of being lifted woke her up. Blinking her eyes rapidly she realised what's happening.

"What are you doing? " she mumbled groggily.

No response.  He just keep moving towards her room with her in his arm.

"I'm taking you to bed." He murdered "to sleep. " he added.

Placing her on bed he quickly shrugged of his coat, shirt and shoes. Just by looking at his frame she could tell how tired he is. His droopy eyes filled with sleep. The way he literally drag his feet is a proof he don't have an a ounce of energy left in him.

Getting inside the covers he wrapped an arm around her waist and snuggle his head in her hairs. He seem to not moving with moments but sanyukta is wide awake. She still remember why she decided to stay awake today.

"You ate dinner?" She asked first. Hearing a "mmhhm" she muttered  a "liar".

With that she get up. He want to protest but guess he don't have any energy left.

She went to the bathroom and filled the bathtub with warm water. Adding a little lavender essence in it she checked the temperature.


She muttered.

She came back to the room and found him sitting on the bed.

"Come back to bed." He utter gruff .

She can't help but admire the view of his viable skin. The feeling to run her fingers on the muscles overpower for a second bit she shake it off.

"I will serve the dinner. You go and take a ..." she began

"I said come to bed. Now." His voice has an edge of desperation.

Okay okay he is not going to give in like this.

"Strip. " she muttered moving towards him.

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