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Am I going to die? The worst fear to getting my baby in danger gripped my heart. For a moment I thought it's aryan. But he's dead.  I killed him. He is the only reason police is behind me.

"James " I gasped in shock. I almost feel relief washed my body like rain.

James is standing right in front of me.


"Boss." He addressed me.

Where he was from all these days?

How he even came out?

How did he find me?

And how the hell he manage to intrude here?

Did they hurt him?

And what he is here for? Why now?

"Please call me sanyukta" I told him. I sighed and he look up to down at me. I knew he want to comment on how weak i look. I look paler than before.

"Okay but we need to get out of here really quick. Our people might not be able to distract all of them for longer" James whispered as he glance around us consciously just in case he will need to use the gun he has in his hand.

"Our people? " I asked getting the familiar control Bloom in a corner of my chest.

"Yeah our people. They are distracting all of them by.. umm...  I will tell you in the way." He chuckled like remembering something.  Now I'm very curious what kind of distracting plan they have made which is making James chuckle by just thinking about it.

Oh God is this happening for real?

"Boss.. uh sanyukta we need to go out of here really quick. Come " he leads me to the back door.

"But my bag...." he cut me off glancing upstairs once.

"I have taken that. It's outside in our car. Seems like you already knew we were coming so your packed bags really helped.

Oh how I wish. But wow now I really understand how successful we were in gang world.

"We need to get out of here soon." He made his way in front of me as if clearing my way off any hurdles of my way. Like he always did.

Am i really going to be free now?

We are really going out?

We didn't even said bye to randhir?

What he will do when he will found me gone?

Will he try to find me?

Will police chase us too?

What if by running away I'm getting in more danger?

I can't even imagine what would randhir dad will do when he will found me gone.

Come on sanyukta think about your baby.

Because the baby is all you have now. I can't let anything happens to our baby. At least not this time.

I can just hope I'm doing the right thing

"Yes James let's go. " I took a deep breath and with all my trust on James I begin to follow him.

And yeah now I have just go through these damn doors again. And then we are free.


Oh God give me give me a clue.

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