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Randhir just stare at her reflection in the mirror while trying to figure out what the heck going on in her mind.

"What's wrong sanyukta?" He finally blurred it out.

Sanyukta blinked few times as if she just came out from some distant memory.

"What's wrong?" She repeated confusingly.

"You have been brushing the same strand of hair for a freaking hour. So now tell me, what's wrong ?" Randhir said folding his arms.


"What happen to kids?" The sudden alertness in randhir voice made sanyukta chuckles.

"Nothing is wrong with them. It's just .." she get up from that small stool and made her way to the bed where is he.

"They are so mature by their age." Sanyukta sighed and laid back on the bed with a huff. Her legs still dangling over the edge of the bed. Randhir scoots a little closer to her.

"So?" Ask randhir unable to read her mind.

"What if..what if they don't approach me. Or they think that they have to handle it all alone. I want them to know that I'm always here for them whenever they need me. " randhir saw a tear slipping away from corner of her eye.

"It's just..I want them to be strong and know that i will also be here for them." She finished.

"What made you think of it today?" Randhir questioned.

"It's heard them talking to each other. Dheer got bullied by a kid today. And I always think I'm approachable enough so they can talk to me. But they didn't.  Sana know this but she kept num too. " she turn her face away from him and turn to her side letting some more tears slipped down on the bed.

"And it wasn't the first time.' She added. Randhir heart clenched in a unbearable way. Regretting that he wasn't here when they are suffering so bad.

Grabbing her waist gently and pulling her up on the pillow he hold her close.  The first time she didn't protest.

"Everything will be alright. Okay. I got you. You need to sleep. " burying his face in her hairs he feel her getting relax.

For lighten up the mood in the room he joked

"You still want to kill me right?" Chuckles randhir. Never in million ages he ever imagined himself asking her this.

"Without any doubt. " blinked sanyukta.

"So can we start now ?" He inched closer to her.

Scooting back she asked "start what?"

"Don't tell me you forgot?" He rolled his eyes.

"Forget what?" She gets up by her elbows.

"My last wish" with that randhir looked at her with puppy eyes while she just throw the nearest pillow at him.


Randhir is drowning in his own thoughts. He is all clear about hat he have to do. What he is not clear about is what she wants?  She don't spare a single glance at him. It's been a month almost when he is staying here at weekends. He stop by every night too but he don't think she or the kids are aware of it.

He just feels so right holding her close to him. Every night. She put his heart on fire and put it as ease at the same time. He still don't know how she does it. And boy, the moment she cuddle back to him in sleep, he feel he could die from that satisfaction on day. He loves it how perfect she fits in his arms. He somewhere hoped that she realised this too one day.

He never knew he would see a day when his own kids won't call him dad. He always thought that he would give his kids what his dad didn't give to him. But see the irony. He is one of the reason of his own kids misery.

He is dying to hear dad from his kids in their cute voices.

And he is still waiting for a day when sanyukta will talk nicely to him, asking for a little help,  maybe to go to shop, open a tight container, lift heavy boxes, jump off the roof, anything.

He sighed and look outside of the car window in which he was going to his work.

His phone rings and he was surprised to see the person calling him.

She never call him.

Without waiting a beat he pick up the call.

"Randhir, I think I might need your help. "

She sounded as he imagined her voice to be a few minutes ago.

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