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"I will bring the chocolate chips from upstairs. " I shouted back as I close the door behind me leaving all four of them who are trying to bake a cake.

Having a holiday is such a relief sometimes. No work. No tiredness.  Only family. And fun.

I quickly make my way upstairs and reach to the door.

I swing the door open and entered in and shut the door by a push from my back.

Then I try to find the switch to turn on the lights.


I never switched them off before leaving.

I don't switch off lights when we leave. Just in case twins get to enter before me or without me.

The paranoid feeling his me hard in the gut and suddenly my throat went dry and my heart pumps loudly.

I fanatically pat the wall to my left trying to find that fucking switch.

Ah. So here it is.

With a flip I pushed the switch down and the apartment suddenly blooms with lights.

My eyes quickly scan the whole room until my eyes landed on him.

My eyes almost did a double take there and tell impact was so high that I stumble back a few steps. If it wasn't the door just behind me , I would be on the floor till now.

I gasp loudly and I'm sure I heard it. The sudden smirk stretch on his lips letting me know i was right.

My heart drop down to my stomach and I was panting hard.

I can't breather.  Somebody! Oxygen please.

I want to take my twins and run for the hill and hug the life out of him at the same time.

He sit there in front of me. In our house. On that couch. In his mighty body. The aura so intense. But man!  The smirk is taking all the credits today.

He sit so comfortably there with his one hand on the back rest of the couch and other on his lap, his finger busy with his phone. His one foot rest over the knee of other leg.

His suit, watch, shoes and even his smell roars money.

He don't belong here.

He hasn't look up until now but his smirk telling me he know what he is doing to me.

For few seconds, nobody moves. At all.

But he suddenly decide to break this silence and he snap his eyes up to mine and our eyes met.

A jolt of electricity hit my whole body. Shivers after shiver until my whole body is having goosebumps.

I can't think straight.  I can't say anything.  I need to protect my twins.  He will take them away with him. Maybe he is here with pair of hands cuffs to take me away from my babies and three me in that hole again.  That endless dark hole.

So I did the first thing which came in my mind.

I turn around frantically and hold the warm doorknob in my cold fingers. I didn't realise my hands are cold as ice and numb as hell.

But before I could turn the knob I heard him saying

"Running away again? "

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