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My whole body shuddered being trapped by him.

His smile proves that he knew.

I huffed internally. How can he still have so much effect on me?

Hey wait? It's a two way thing right?

I smirk at my next move.

I grab hold of his  collars and pull him closer and I myself lean in inches. So now there is a hair thin gap between us.

His silent gasp tell me I won.

"Never in your wildest dream" I and pull away but the sudden  hold against my waist pull me down and in next moment he switched us.

Now he is on top of me.

"Wildest dream, huh? But you know what I am a man who makes his dream come true" he chuckle deeply and the sound did something inside my heart.

"Not when I'm included" I smirked and pushed him and switched us again. So now I'm on top of him.

"We all are bad in someone's story. " I said.

"But you are worst in mine" I added getting up.

With another pull I'm down again and underneath him.

"You don't have any idea how much I have missed you underneath me." He murmured inching closer.

"Missed me? We only slept for one night.  " I taunted.

"And that night was enough to give me to know what heaven feels like." He smirked

"Told you,  you are worst. " I glared at him and try to pish him again.

"Oh so if I'm already worst?"  He smirked again. What's running in his mind.

"You cannot do anything worse than you have already done." I taunted again.

"You sure about that darling." He whispered as his fingers keel lingering where my towel is tucked.

Oh no

"Don't you dare.." I pushed him hard and almost succeed in getting up but now what do I do.

"Don't worry. It's nothing which I haven't seen before."he shrugged.

"Oh come on. Just admit you are dying to see me." I roll my eyes at him.

His gaze met mine and stays there. His eyes suddenly glint with mischief and he smirked for the hundredth time today.

"I think yeah you are right. " he said.



"I am actually dying to see your body." He shrugged and I passed a 'told you' look.

He smiled wickedly and said

"So now strip "

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