Chapter 46

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"Sky come with us." Blake said motioning towards the porch. I followed quickly.

"What's going on?" I asked extremely concerned.

"We did find a small group. There was two older women and man in his early thirties. We did bring them back and we plan on making the house next door livable. Something seems off around the man though. I want you to talk to him." He said.

"That's what you were so worried about. That's the reason? I thought you were going to tell me Landon hadn't made it back or something like that. Not that you found people." I told him angrily. I walked next door and knocked. The man opened the door.

"Hi, I'm Skylar. What's your name?" I asked him as he stepped aside to let me in.

"I'm Jake, that's my mom Jane and my aunt Edna." He said and I smiled and gave the two women a small wave.

"If you don't mind I would like to check you guys for bites and scratches." I said and they all nodded." Jake I'm going to start with you. Could you take off your shirt please?" He nodded. I noticed he was beginning to sweat profusely. He seemed pale. I went to help him to the couch when I noticed a large bite in his right shoulder that the boys must not have seen because of his jacket. I pulled back.

"What is it?" Jane asked coming over to stand next to her son.

"I am so sorry, your son was bit." I said and as if on cue he fell to the ground and seized. His mother jumped back and cried. He stopped seizing and slowly sat up. He went to stand and I saw the bright red eyes of the infected staring directly at me. Before I could reacts he had lunged and knocked me over. I luckily had thick pants and a thick jacket on so I was not concerned with scratches. I screamed and fought to keep his mouth at bay when the door opened and he was ripped off of me and stabbed by Landon who then helped me up.

"Sky are you okay? Were you bitten, scratched?" He asked concern filling his face. I shook my head,

"I don't think so but I'm going to check. Can you check Jane and Edna please?" I asked and he nodded I immediately took off my jacket and threw it on the floor along with my sweat pants leaving me in shorts and a tank top. I walked to the bathroom and to my relief saw nothing.

"They're clean. But I would like to keep them quarantined for three days. I brought a game, food, water, books, and flashlights for them." Landon said as I walked out of the bedroom. I went to explain to them that they had to stay in the house with no contact with us for five days to make sure that they were not infected.

"I understand. Thank you for the supplies." Edna said as she went to comfort Jane who was crying on the couch. Landon and I left to go home so I could take a quick shower while he cut off the head of what was Jake. I walked into the house and Blake immediately came and wrapped me in a tight hug.

"I am so sorry I brought someone here that could hurt any of us and that I didn't come when you screamed. I didn't hear you." Blake said. I pulled away and gave him a quick kiss.

"It's okay. Landon got there and you didn't know he was bitten. Now I'm going to take a quick shower. Care to join?" I asked him. He nodded quickly. We took a shower and when we got out about 10 minutes later he carried me to our bedroom while I was still in my towel and one thing led to another and it was a quick but passionate next few minutes. I quickly finished drying off and we went downstairs to talk about the day and what was yet to come with the next couple days.

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