Chapter 40

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I woke up at 7 which was late for me. I went over to my suit case and put on a pair of sweats and a winter coat. I checked on Neil who was still sound asleep. He had turned one in November and it completely slipped my mind. We planned on clearing out the rest of the place today. Tomorrow we would go on a run to get solar panels so that we had some heat and cold air for the fridge. I planned on cleaning up this house with the kids while the other adults finished with the bodies. I went downstairs and grabbed the rifle we had found. I wanted to go hunting to get some good food that we could dry and turn into jerky. I went to the backyard and lead Majesty out of the gate. We would need to go on a run to a farm supply store and get a load of hay and food for the horses. Duke normally just eats what we do and the chickens needed feed. I closed the gate behind Majesty and I and got on. I eased her into a gallop and we were off into the woods.

About an hour and a half later I had a small deer because that's all I could manage and was back at the house. I left the deer in the backyard before I went inside.

"Sky. Where did you go?" Blake asked sweeping me into a hug.

"To get food. There's a deer in the backyard. Please go skin and cut it we need to cook and dry it." I said and he nodded. Everyone was at the table eating a can of corn and a can of beans.

"Sky. Do you have ideas for a plan today?" Landon asked.

"I do actually. I was planning on seeing if the kids would help me clean out all the rooms and make them into bedrooms for us and the rest of you guys could finish with the bodies. Then tomorrow we could do a run for mattresses and a dresser and horse and chicken feed."

"Well that works. What about the fence?" Landon asked.

"Two days after tomorrow. And we can start setting them up the day after that." I replied.

"Wow. You're planned for the rest of the week." Luke said with a laugh.

"We also need a crib solar panels and blankets which we can grab the day after tomorrow. Because the boys need clothes and I'm assuming the rest of us need things as well." I said and they all nodded.

"We can make a list during dinner." Kelly suggested.

"Perfect. I'm gonna start moving the stuff that isn't bedroom things from my room down to the shed." I said but Landon shook his head,

"Let Luke and I bring down the heavy things like the bookshelf, desk, chair, and file cabinet." He stated standing up. Luke following. They went upstairs and we all followed grabbing an armload of books to make it easier to carry. We brought the books to the living room, and a couple minutes later the bookshelf was down as well.

"Can we make the living room into the new playroom?" Liv asked with excitement.

"Of course." I started, "where would Kelly sleep though?"

"She could sleep in our room if she wanted." Ava offered and looked at Kelly who nodded in response.

"Alright then. Why don't we start bring the toys down from upstairs while Landon and Luke bring down the heavy stuff." I said as I headed upstairs. I grabbed a few toys and brought them downstairs like everyone else was doing. I looked at Kelly, "Kelly before I forget can you write down that we need five twin beds? One for you, Luke, Landon, Jordan, and Parker. Ava and Liv can take the full in one of the rooms and Blake and I can take the other." She nodded and wrote it down. After about twenty minutes Landon and Luke had everything in the shed and Blake was nearly done with the deer. I went to the kitchen to organize it while Kelly, Luke and Landon headed to clean up the rest of the bodies. I was looking through the cabinets and organizing all the cups, plates and bowls along with all the food. After about an hour the kitchen was thoroughly cleaned and the fridge was empty other than the few water bottles that we had. The living room was organized with games and books on the bookshelf coloring books on the  now empty television stand and toys either in the toy box or next to it.

"What are you guys up to?" I asked.

"Playing with the baby. We need a blender we are nearly out of baby food and he can't chew things yet because he isn't use to the motion." Ava said.

"As soon as we get the solar panels we will. Are you hungry I was gonna start cooking and drying the deer." I started . They all nodded. "Alright well then I'll make lunch now." I finished as I pet Duke on the head who was laying on the couch. I walked out to the small fire pit we had and began to cook the meat.

About an hour most of it was dried and the rest was nicely cooked. I put it on the place I brought out and went back inside. I tossed a piece of jerky and a piece of normal meat to Duke and he ate it quickly. He must be very hungry. I put the cooked stuff on the counter and found a box of freezer bags to put the dried stuff in. I grabbed two bowl from the cabinet and put some jerky in one and water in the other and called duke to the kitchen along with the kids. We sat and ate some of the food leaving the rest for the others who were still out. I put it in another freezer bag and left it on the counter. There was enough jerky to feed us for the next most likely 4-6 days depending on how hungry we were. After we ate we went to the living room and played board games and colored before the others got back. When they got back about 5 hours later we ate dinner and I read my book while the others made a list of things we needed in the next few days.

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