Chapter 22

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We pulled up next to the doors and everyone but Ava hopped out.
"Stay here, we're gonna check the store then come back to get you." I said and she nodded, I shut the door and she leaned up front and locked it. We quickly checked a few isles before I heard glass shatter outside, I pulled my gun out and cocked it while I ran to the truck. The same man from a few weeks earlier was trying to get in the truck. The boys were towards the back of the store taking out the few zombies that were in there. He noticed me a minute to late. I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him away from the truck. He wasn't expecting it and stumbled almost falling. When he stumbled I moved in front of him so I was between him and the truck.
"You again." He said with this perverted grin. He went to lunge for me but I was faster. I side stepped and he almost lost his balance. He looked at me once again and I pulled my gun.
"One more step and I swear to god I will shoot you." I said as scarily as I could manage.
"Oh I'm sooo scared." He said and before I knew it he had taken me to the ground with the gun flying from my hand. I screamed for Ava,
"AVA GO GET THE BOYS!" I heard the door open and then a fist connected to my jaw. I tried to roll away and fight back against him but he was to strong. I brought my leg up and tried to knee him in the back. That didn't work and he punched me again. I thought about the fetus that was inside me and with all the strength I could muster I tried to bring my arm up to punch him. I managed to distract him enough that I could sit up a little and headbutt him. After maybe a minute of me struggling he was ripped off me once again, this time it was Blake and Blake took him to the ground and kicked him. Landon came over to me and offered his hand and from behind him Ava came running to me and hugged me tightly which I returned. After a minute Blake was yelling at him and beating him.
"You alright? Your lip and under your eye are bleeding and your jaws bruising." Landon asked.
"Yea. I'm fine." I responded walking over to get my gun. I turned the safety back on and put it in my holster, before walking over to Blake who was still screaming at him. I walked over and pulled on Blakes arm. "BLAKE! ENOUGH! LET ME HANDLE THIS!"
"NO SKYLAR, THIS IS THE SECOND TIME HE'S DONE THIS TO YOU AND HE DESERVES TO PAY." Blake responded and I looked at the man who was bleeding heavily and bruise.
"He'll be dead soon anyway, his eyes are closed and he's bleeding so much." I said reaching down to feel his pulse, it was there but it was faint. I took my gun back out and before I could stop him Blake smashed his head onto the concrete. A startled scream escaped my mouth, I reached down to check his pulse and it was gone. I looked at Blake.
"B-blake he's dead" Blake looked at me and came over to hug me. I pulled away, in fear.
"Skylar-" He started.
"No, I can't talk to you right now." I said as I grabbed my bag and headed inside, I was in the baby aisle when Blake came up behind me.
"Skylar he tried to kill you twice." He said and I get where he was coming from but I just can't believe he did it.
"I get it, I just don't understand how you did it." I responded turning around to look at him.
"I don't either but after seeing what he did to you a second time, I just couldn't let him walk away." He slowly tried to pull me into a hug and I let him, after a couple minutes I broke away to continue shoving formula and baby food into my backpack. I grabbed a couple bottles and some pacifiers as well before going to find Ava and the boys. They were in the game section, looking for more games to bring home I walked up and put my arm around Ava. We walked around for a little before Ava saw something she wanted so I grabbed it and put it in her bag. We headed to the toy section and found a cute little stuffed monkey that I decided to grab for Liv. After looking around for a little we headed to the jewelry area, I went to the display and saw a cute little mermaid necklace that was purple and blue, I grabbed it and put it in my pocket. I looked down at Ava,
"Anything else you wanna look at?"
"No thanks I think we should start heading home soon." I nodded,
"Agreed, todays been exhausting. But before we go, do you want to check out the fishing section, if we start going fishing we can have fish too, and not just deer."
"Yea sure, lets go." With that we headed towards the aisle, I handed my flashlight to ava,
"Here can you use this so I can use both hands?" I asked and she nodded. We didn't talk much as I grabbed one of the bigger tackle boxes to fill. I grabbed weights, bobbers, hooks, bait, line, pliers, and anything else that might be helpful for fishing. I handed it to Ava before reaching up to grab five fishing rods from the top. I made a lot of noise and knocked a lot of things over but I got them. I walked to the end of the aisle and grabbed one of the smaller rods for Liv. When I was done we headed to the truck and put everything in the bed. We went back in and found the boys looking through video games. We stood next to them while they looked and without a warning Landon broke the glass to the game display. He grabbed a couple games and so did Blake before we headed out to the truck. Landon drove and Blake sat in the backseat with me, giving Ava the front. I pulled out my book and got lost in the words. After about two hours Blake nudged me.
"Yea?" I asked looking up at him.
Are you okay? I know he hurt you bad, and I know I scared you, but are you okay? Or at least will you be?" He asked quietly enough so only I could hear him.
"Yes I'm okay. I understand why you did what you did. I almost shot him when he tried to get in the truck."
"That's why there's a broken window?"
"Yea, he broke it trying to get in." I responded. Blake nodded and waited a minute before speaking again.
"How'd you know something was wrong?"
"I heard glass shatter and I sprinted out to find him trying to get in. Ava was laying on the floor, trying not to be seen." I said starting to cry. He pulled me closer to him and hugged me. He rubbed my back and soon, I fell asleep. I woke up to find we were not at the house and that only Ava and I were in the car. I looked around and we were outside of what looked like a liquor store or a gun store but I couldn't tell because it was starting to get dark. I looked up front to see Ava was also asleep. I was very confused and I locked the doors, took the keys and went inside with my gun drawn.

"Blake? Landon?" I asked in a voice a little louder than a whisper, as I looked around with my flashlight I noticed it was a gun store. I thanked who ever was up there. A couple minutes later I hear Blake.
"Yea where are you and I thought we were getting warm clothes from another store?" I asked looking around the tiny store.
"Literally an aisle over and we were going to buy you aren't in any shape." Landon said. I walked over and saw them examining a wall of guns, either they had broken the glass or it was already broken but there were already a couple handguns missing. I looked around for 9 mil ammo and grabbed all of it, walking over to Blake to put it in his backpack.
"Were you guys planning on waking me up to come and play in the gun store?" I asked with a yawn.
"Well you and Ava were asleep and we didn't want to wake you two up." Blake responded.
"But you know we need ammo."
"We got some and you clearly did too." He responded draping his arm around my shoulders.
"Alright well I'm gonna go back out to the car." They both nodded and I hopped in the drivers seat. Ava was still asleep so I grabbed the book and read the last few pages. I was on the last page before I heard a gunshot and a womans scream. Ava heard it to and woke up in a panic.
"What was that?!" She asked
"I don't know, get your gun out, and get down on the floor." I said handing her ammo.     "Keep down, and don't come out no matter what you hear, if someone that isn't me, Blake or Landon tries to get in, shoot." I said shutting the door, as Ava hunkered down. I gave her a small smile as I ran into the store. The boys were running out and Landon almost knocked me over, causing my face to throb. He reached his hand out to steady me.
"Sky what was that, are you guys okay?" Blake asked me pulling me closer to him.
"Yeah we're fine just heard a gunshot and a scream, Avas in the car, the scream came from the trees." With that, I took off, running to the trees, to the noise that was still there. After a minute I came to a road, there was a man on top of the car shooting but he was bleeding heavily from his shoulder/neck area. I couldn't see inside the car but as soon as I could I started shooting. I took down at least seven zombies when the boys caught up and helped. I ran to the car once it was clear and the man that was on top of the roof fell to the ground and seized. I quickened my pace. Once he stopped he didn't get back up. I got to the car and saw there was no woman in the car but there was a woman that was bleeding on the side of the road. I looked in the car and there was a screaming infant. My instincts kicked in, I took a step back and shot the man that was on top of the car and grabbed the baby. Blake came up behind me and saw the baby, then saw the woman on the side of the road who was crying. I ran over carrying the baby with Blake and Landon hot on my heels. I turned around to Blake, "Take this I'm gonna talk to her." I said handing the baby to Blake, I knelt down next to the woman, "Hi I'm Skylar, and you are?" I asked helping her sit up.
"L-lily, she responded."
"What happened here?"
"Me and my husband were headed to a stronghold, and we both managed to get bit, I put the baby in the car to try and keep him safe so someone had a better chance of finding him." She responded as tears ran down her face.
"How'd you get over here?"
"I tried to lead them away, but I guess I passed out or something and Alex took them back to him." She replied, "Can I hold him one last time?" She pleaded.
"Of course" I said, taking the baby from Blake and handing it to her.
"Momma loves you so so much." She said as she sobbed into her baby, as it stopped crying, reaching for its mothers face. She looked up at me, "Please take care of him."
"Of course, what's his name?" I asked trying not to let my voice crack, as tears rolled down my face.
"Neil, his name is Neil." She said handing him to me and handing me a small picture from her back pocket. Of what looked like her and her husband. I picked it up and handed it to Blake.
"I promise I will take good care of your son. How old is he?"
"Three months, there's loads of stuff in the trunk for him. His birthday is June 16th." She said between sobs. I nodded and the boys went back. Dark was coming fast and we would need to get to the car. I stayed next to her while the boys went to the car. I looked her in the eye.
"What would you like to do about this situation?" I asked sadly.
"I don't want to be one of them just shoot me." I shook me head.
"I can't, I'm sorry."
"Then give me your gun." And before I could respond she had grabbed my gun and  the boys were behind me and with a sad smile she pulled the trigger. I screamed and jumped back. Shielding Neil. We walked quickly back to the car in silence, with the new stuff for the new addition to the group

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