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"NOVA!" Screamed Luke as she tackled him.

"Come on. Give it back." She told him.

"I don't know what you're walking about." He replied.

"Yes you do. I want game back." She said. I was sitting on the porch with Blake while our two children wrestled in the grass. Duke laid at our feet with another dog that had recently been found nearby that was shockingly not feral.

"Kids! Lunch time!" I yelled and they stopped and ran toward the kitchen. The community that has been here for ten years was thriving. We had not had a fatality other than by natural causes in about ten months. We had eight people patrolling the fence at all times, and the patrols switched every four hours. I walked over to Ava and Jordan who were also on their way to lunch. They had gotten married last year when she was twenty-two and he was twenty-four.

"How's being pregnant?" I asked with a smirk.

"Awful. I feel like a whale and I'm never comfortable." She sighed causing me to laugh. She had moved into a house that was built a while ago. Once her and Jordan found out she was pregnant. Parker and Liv still live with us. Neil and the twins are like siblings because they grew up like siblings. The twins ran up to me,

"MOM!" The twins yelled in unison.


"Can we sleep at Ally's house tonight? She asked if we wanted to." Nova asked.

"Sure just come home after breakfast tomorrow." They nodded and took off they were so full of energy it was hard to contain them. Neil came up to me as well,

"Mom?" He asked.

"Yes?" I said looking down at the 11 year old with shaggy blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

"Where are Nova and Luke?"

"They ran off towards Ally's house." I told him and he followed them. I sighed.

"How's being a mom to ten and eleven year olds." Ava asked as we started walking again.

"Not terrible." I replied. Jane has passed away last year of natural causes, we think it was a cancer but had no real way of knowing. That is the only member of our original group in this place we had lost since Blake's younger brother Luke, who we named our son after. We got to the community center and found a seat with Blake and Landon's girlfriend Sarah. We had gotten extremely close since we met three years ago.

"Blake the kids are at Ally's for the night." I said sitting down.

"I know." He said.

"You know?" I asked.

"They asked me and I said to ask you." Blake said.

"Okay." I replied. I went up with Ava and Jordan to get food. There were still zombies around but not nearly as many as before. We had killed any that were in a mile radius of the fence. Everyone here felt safe and could sleep through the night, unlike at the beginning of the apocalypse. We had set up jobs for people and a few classes that were mandatory that everyone had to take. We had people who hunted, taught the kids, cooked, went on runs, worked with the farm animals, patrols, and others who gardened. I was the person who oversaw everything and kept everyone safe. Blake was an early morning patrol and Landon hunted. All the kids were good in basic hand to hand combat and Nova was excelled at evading zombies because of her smaller size. Most people here felt like the world was slowly going back to normal.

We had one scientist that worked on a cure day in and day out but hasn't succeeded in the seven years that he has been trying. His name was Murphy and he made the cure his life goal. The zombie population was slowly getting smaller as people everywhere continued to kill them. I do not think that the virus will ever truly be gone and after someone dies, for the rest of time they will need to be decapitated. I spent most days now keeping track of the people here, everyone here had a file so we knew of any medical conditions they had, what job they have, and if they had family who their family was. It was pretty boring but there isn't much to do when the dead come back to life and start eating the living other than to survive. We had survived years in this world and I hoped that we all lived many many more.

________________________________I am sad to say that this is the last chapter of this story. Thank you all so much for reading my first story! I hope you enjoyed it.

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