Chapter 63

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Blake woke me up around five the next morning,

"Hey we're leaving for the run now. We'll be back later, we are getting a trailer full of solar panels today and we're setting them up tomorrow for the school house, the library and the kitchen." I nodded stood up. I got dressed and went downstairs with Blake. I planned on packing all the canned food in backpacks since the power would be up most likely tomorrow. I left a few cans of food for today and tomorrow just in case it were to rain. Blake helped while he waited for the others to come. He had woken them up this morning before he woke me up. I also went and got the school books that we had gotten from a school when we were still at Landon's old house. At about 5:30 Matt and Gavin had shown up and I served them eggs and venison.

"Thanks Sky." Matt said taking his plate.

"No problem. When you guys go on your run can you find recipe books and get more cooking supplies? We really only have canned food, venison, eggs, and milk and we will be out of venison in another day or two." I asked them.

"We'll go through a grocery store and take everything we can. Do you want more flour, sugar, and canned food?" Gavin asked as he cut his venison.

"That'd be great, I know Edna and Jane like to cook and I don't mind it." The boys finished their breakfast thanked me and headed out. I went upstairs to see Neil was awake and just sitting on the bed.

"Momma." He said reaching his arms up.

"Are you hungry?" I asked helping him into the floor.

"Yes." He said as we walked down the stairs. It was around 6 so none of the kids would be up but I did plan on teaching them some basic skills today and doing laundry. I cooked two eggs and heated up some venison for him. I cut up his food and sat him in a chair. He ate rather quickly and I let him play in the backyard, he liked chasing Duke and throwing the ball for him.

I watched him play until about 8 when the other kids came upstairs. I brought Neil back in and let him play in the living room.

"You guys hungry?" I asked and they nodded while Jordan yawned. "Alright well can one of you run over to Jane's house and Ashley's house? If they're awake I'll make them breakfast too." I said pulling out the eggs that we kept in a pot and the venison that was in the fridge. I started cooking them when I heard a scream and several growls. I turned off the stove grabbed my gun and ran outside. I saw Ava being chased by at least five zombies and one was gaining on her and fast.

I ran and tried to shoot at the same time. As soon as the first shot rang out the boys had come outside with the guns. The zombies had turned and started advancing on me while Ava ran towards the house. I shot and hit one zombie in the shoulder and it barely stumbled backwards I shot and hit one in the neck, it stopped for a moment before continuing.

I tripped over something while I was running and the one zombie had come down on top of me. I shot and pushed it off before taking out another. The boys had managed to get three while I was down. I went to stand up when Jane ran over to me.

"Are you okay? Are you bit? Scratched?" She asked helping me up.

"I'm going to go check. Do you mind making breakfast for the kids, your household and Ashley's house?" I asked as we walked to my house.

"Of course." She replied. When we walked into the house I immediately went into the bathroom. I checked my arm and froze.

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