Chapter 11

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I was tired and it was only 11:30 and I had only read about seven chapters of my book,

"Goodnight my love." I said getting comfy.

"Goodnight love." He said before giving me a kiss, wrapping his arm around me and both of us falling asleep.

I woke up the next morning but Blake wasn't with me. I decided he was probably just using the bathroom, I looked at the clock, 9:00 am, Oh my god, I actually slept last night. I threw on a tank top and threw my hair in a bun going downstairs to the study, My truck was gone and so was the list so I had assumed they had left for the store. I went to the study and found Blake and the girls playing monopoly. I bent down and gave Blake a kiss on the cheek. I yawned,

"Good morning girls, How did you two sleep."

"I slept good." Liv responded going back to game she was playing with Ava.

"I slept better knowing that we're safe here how about you?" Ava asked.

"For once I actually slept."

"That's good." Ava said and I nodded,

"I'm gonna go on my run if anyone wants to come." I said looking at Liv.

"No thanks I'm gonna play the game." She responded.

"I'm gonna stay here with Liv." Ava said.

"Alright, well I'll be back." I said I grabbed Dukes leash and headed outside. As soon as I got outside, I had a very very bad feeling. I started stretching and after about five minutes we were on our slow jog. That's when I saw it the slow stumbling creatures, there looked to be about seven or eight. I bent down and picked up Duke. I muzzled him and looked at them again. They hadn't smelled me or seen me yet, so I crouched down in the relatively long grass and ran towards the house as quiet as I could. I got to the door and opened it quickly and shut it quietly and locked it. I put the dog down and ran towards the study.

"Upstairs now there's zombies outside, kill the lanterns and don't use the flashlights." No one asked any questions as we quickly went upstairs and locked ourselves in the girls room with the dog. It seemed like a small horde passing through. I looked out the window and they slowly made their way towards the house. Liv came over to me after I sat down and sat on my lap and cried quietly. Ava shook lightly in the corner with the dog. She had her hand around his mouth so he couldn't bark. I looked out the window again and they paused for a moment next to the locked front door then Duke barked. They started pounding on the door trying to get in. We stayed quiet and I did my best to muzzle the dog. About fifteen minutes later I guess they got bored and started heading away from the door and then they were out of sight. I looked at Liv.

"Sweety they're gone, you're okay." I said doing my best to comfort her.  I hugged her tight.

"P-p-promise?" She asked stuttering while wiping her eyes.

"I promise. I won't let anything or anyone hurt you or your sister."

"Thank you." She said burying her face in face into my shoulder.

"You're welcome. Do you want to go play a game until lunch?" I asked standing up with her in my arms.

"Can we?" She asked and I nodded standing up with her in my arms.

"Yes, you could even pick the game."  We got downstairs and she picked out 'Sorry'. We played a few rounds before we went to eat some lunch. Other than this morning the day was uneventful. Nova and Landon got back around 2. We helped unload the car while we filled them in on this morning events.

"That's not good." Landon said grabbing a pile of clothes.

"No it's not. We've only seen one or two at a time but almost ten? That isn't safe. Tonight when the girls go to bed we may want to talk about finding a new place." I said taking a couple boxes of granola bars and cereal. I was getting really tired of processed food and thought that maybe next time we move we could go to a farm that already had crops. I was in school to be a doctor but Nova was in school to be a chef so she knew how to make bread and things like that. Landon wanted to be someone that was tech savy and knew how to work solar panels and generators and such. Blake on the other hand didn't know what he wanted to do and was an undecided major he knew how to farm and he knew a good bit about cars but that was it. I continued to think while we unloaded the car. Walmart was still stocked because no one else wanted to brave going into the store, but us being the reckless twenty year olds we were we did it, and it's kept us alive. I thought about how we would move everything, if we would need a trailer or another car and if six people could fit in a car that normally could only fit five. There was a lot to think about. I stayed quiet for a majority of the day, only talking when Liv or Ava talked to me. I didn't eat much at dinner, I read some while everyone else played games. At around nine the girls came over and gave me a hug and went to bed.

"Goodnight Sky." Livs soft voice broke my focus on my thoughts.

"Goodnight Liv. I'll see you in the morning." I said and she nodded. After we heard their bedroom door shut I was the first to speak. "I think we need to move."

"Why?" Nova questioned putting down her cards.

"We've been here for almost a month, we had almost ten of those things try to get in here. It just isn't safe anymore." I said and the boys seemed to agree.

"How do you want to do it though? Your truck fits five people there's six. We have so much stuff we need to get rid of some of it." Blake said looking around at everyone.

"Simple. We each get one duffel bag for clothes and the girls can get two back back each for clothes and we can use one blue storage bins for entertainment, and the other one for food."

"But we each have bins that we can put everything in." Landon pipes up.

"We have the ones with wheels that pull out. What we can do is when we run into town within the next two days grab three more storage bins so we can make sure we have all the necessities." I responded and then there was silence for several minutes.

"Nova and I will go to town again. You Blake and the girls will sort though what needs to come with." Landon said. I nodded.


"Tomorrow, at dawn, we will be back by noon, we can head north to Maine, My family owns a cabin, there's three or four rooms, and it's pretty big. It has a small garden in the back. It would be about a sixteen hour drive from here using the backroads." Landon said. I mentally smiled at the word garden.

"Alright." I said and stood up.

"How isolated is it?" Nova asked

"It's on about four acres of land. We use to raise chicken, and a few cows and goats. We took them south in the winter but they should be there now along with my sister and parents, so we might even get some eggs and milk."

"Sounds like a dream." I said and they all nodded in agreement.

"We should go to bed, so we're ready for tomorrow, we have six jerry cans, only one is full, so when you guys go we need gas. We won't make it without it." Blake started, "It would also be nice if you guys could grab a backpack full of oil and some rags, and anything that looks necessary for fixing a car if anything were to happen." He finished. Landon and Nova nodded and we said our goodnights and headed to bed. I looked at the clock, 9:30. I stayed up and read like I always did. I finished several chapters and looked over at the clock with a yawn. 11:03 pm. I put my book down and snuggled into a sleeping Blake. Around 7 I woke up and grabbed four duffel bags. The plans for packing I decided were going to change a bit. Instead of storage bins for things, we would take everything out of the box that we could, and put it into the drawstring bags and backpacks. I managed to fit all of my clothes into the duffle bag I rolled  all my clothes, and then did the same for Blake's  things.

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