Chapter 7

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After they had left me and Nova went to separating everyones stuff. My stuff and Blakes stuff went together and Novas and Landon went together. We brought the food downstairs and put it in the cabinets and did the same with the plates and bowls and silverware after we had washed them. We filled the air with chatter as we talked about the future that we still wanted and with talk about the boys. At about 10:30 everything was separated and we put our stuff in the rooms that we liked. Nova had let me have the larger room since I was slightly claustrophobic. We had put the dog and the few games Nova had somehow packed into the extra room.

"Wanna play a game or do you wanna explore the yard, or do you wanna play with Duke." I asked.

"Do you wanna play with Duke and then go out and walk around and see what's around?"

"Yea that works."

"Maybe we could play a few games after."

"Sounds great." I looked at the pile of games. We had monopoly, uno, apples to apples and a deck of cards. Next time two of us went out we would have to get some more games or crafts and definitely books. We played with Duke for about two hours trying to get him use to us. Occasionally one of us would go look out the window to make sure nothing was approaching. At around noon we stopped to make a quick lunch of leftovers from last night. We decided to play a card game before going outside to look around. After about an hour we headed out, Nova had her knife and I had my gun and my knife. "So how's it going with you and Landon?" I questioned as we neared the barn.

"Good pretty good. How about you and Blake?"

"Good, but it's only been like a day."

"Well that's good. So how long have you liked him?" she asked as she opened the barn door.

"Since sixth grade." I replied using my flashlight to look around the barn.

"Awe that's so cute. You're twenty and you've liked him since you were eleven." I nodded,

"Yea and I think we should keep the truck in here in case people come by."

"Agreed. We'll tell the boys when they get back." She shut the doors and we continued on our walk, we found a small shed that had some empty gas cans that we could fill up on the next run to town. We kept walking and talking. We continued our conversation from this morning and it somehow landed on kids.

"Would you want kids now?' Nova asked

"I wanted two before the outbreak but now I'm not so sure. This is no world for a kid to grow up in. Do you?"

"I use to want a big family and I still do put it's not a good idea at least for a couple of years." I nodded in agreement, we continued our walk and found another creek closer to the back of the huge yard near the trees. I looked at Nova,

"Well at least we know we won't go thirsty." She laughed and looked at her watch.

"3:30 wanna head back?"

"Sure maybe we can play a few rounds of uno or take a nap before they get back." It took about five minutes for us to get back to the house, we walked upstairs and found Duke contently chewing on his bone. He looked up and started wagging his tail once he saw us. I looked at his water bowl, which was empty again and refilled it. We settled down and all that walking had exhausted us. We decided to take a nap while the other played solitaire and then switch so one was on watch since the boys weren't here. We each got about a thirty minute nap before the boys got home. They came home with two large mattresses. I was surprised that there was no couch. Nova and I went downstairs to let them in, they brought the mattresses in one by one and put it in the room.

"Glad to see you made it back alive." I said as they brought in the second bed.

"We barely made it, we managed to run into a swift." Blake said clearly still shaken up.

"Yeah they move fast and can almost catch the truck when it's going 60." Landon added.

"That's awful." I said deciding to hold back on more questions.

"Yeah it was actually pretty scary. Thankfully we were already in the truck when it came. Tomorrow I think we should all go into town to each pick a small dresser." Landon said turning to me.

"Why are you so focused on getting furniture for the house? We can live comfortably with nothing." I responded not wanting to leave the house any time soon.

"But it would be nice to have some things to make it feel more like home." Landon responded slightly annoyed.

"I don't want this to be my home. I want my home to be my home. I want to know if my mother is still alive! I want so many things and I know you all do too." I said trying to stay as calm as possible.

"I want to see if my family is okay too. We all do. But I can't my family is in fucking California and we're in Pennsylvania." Landon responded.

"I know Landon. I know your family is a week's drive away. Blakes family is in Massachusetts and Nova doesn't have anyone but us."

"Alright enough you two. We cannot fight with each other if we do then no one wins and the rest of us have to stand in the middle of our best friends fighting." Blake said trying to shut us up.

"FINE!" I said, much louder than I thought i would. "I'm sorry I'm being a bitch."

"I get it you're scared and your nervous."  Landon said, trying to comfort me. "I got some books like you asked me to."

"Thanks. Did you guys get plywood, nails and hammers?"

"We got pallets that need broken down but they'll work." Blake responded.

"Hammers? Nails?"

"Yea we found them in the back of the gas station."

"Great lets start boarding up the windows. About two hours later the window were done and we were all hungry. The only thing that would go bad anytime soon was the bread so we ended up making a can of soup and had a piece of bread each. We ended up eating around seven. We ate upstairs like we've been doing. The stove had stopped working so we used Lans camping stove.

"Tomorrow two of us should make the run into town to get food, and more things that will keep us from getting extremely bored as well as more clothes." I suggested finishing my dinner.

"Sky why don't you and me go." Blake suggested.

"That works. We can leave and get back around the same time you guys did today. He nodded. Everyone was done eating around 7:15 and we decided to play monopoly. Another three hour game. We were in the room with Duke and it was around 10:30 when we started getting tired. I Grabbed a book as everyone said goodnight and made my way to my bedroom with Blake following.

"How'd we get the bigger room?" He asked clearly confused.

"I'm claustrophobic remember?"

"Oh yeah." He said as we got into the bed. We had ditched the sleeping bags for one of the lighter blankets. It was really hot in the house and I was wearing a light crop top and shorts while Blake was only wearing boxers. He fell asleep after about ten minutes of laying there and I fell asleep after reading a few chapters of my book. They managed to find 'It', which was one of my favorite books.

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