Chapter 37

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We drove around. We found a house that had a nice big backyard with a decent sized fence. We parked and Luke, Landon, Blake, and I got out and led the horses and cow into the backyard. Blake managed to grab a small metal chicken coop and set that up as Luke, Landon and I tried to calm Rebel and her equally as frightened mother. We managed to calm them after Blake had gotten all the chickens into the coop.

"Are we gonna go clear out all the houses?" Landon asked. I nodded,

"Maybe we split up after securing this house and look street by street or go in pairs."

"Pairs. We go in pairs. It's safer. But where do we leave the girls?" Luke asked.

"We leave them here and we move fast." I said,
"It's a whole lot safer for them if they stay in one spot until we secure the whole area. That way we don't have to keep turning around and with the baby it's harder."

"Agree. Well what are the pairs?" Blake asked.

"I'm going with Luke, we haven't had much of a chance to talk." I said

"Well that leaves us." Landon said to Blake.

"We'll start in this area. It isn't a huge place. Maybe 20-30 houses, we should be able to do the sweep all today. It is only noon." I said, I knew I wouldn't be able to move very fast but I would be able to shoot.

"But it gets dark at like 4." Blake pointed out.

"We meet back here in two hours." Luke said.

"Let's go then. Luke and I will search this house and get the girls in. You guys can go to another place. Also, scope out the walls and see if there are any weak spots. We'll patch them eventually." I said and we all headed to the areas we were supposed to check. Luke and I went in through the back door with our knives out. We came across one zombie and I swiftly stabbed it in the head and Luke used the machete we found at Landon's old house to cut off its head. We'd have to go back tomorrow and get all the bodies and head out of the area. Luke and I spent the time talking about what happened in the past few years we haven't seen each other and after about five minutes the house was checked and we were helping the girls get set up in a room.

"So we stay here and don't open the door until you guys do the secret knock?" Ava asked. I nodded,

"And if Neil starts to cry try giving him a bottle or pacifier."

"Got it. Be safe. See you in two hours." Ava said and gave me a hug and so did Liv. I handed Ava my second pistol and she looked confused,

"Just in case. See you two soon." I said and we left. Lukewarm pretty athletic and wanted to jog and I walked behind him. I couldn't try to jog yet. We went through all the houses on the street and headed a street over. We checked a few houses and heard movement upstairs. I looked at Luke we'd worked out a pretty good system, I'd open the door and Luke would run and stab and I'd decapitate. It's been working well so far. We checked the first floor and headed to the second floor to the room that had noise coming from it. I open the door and Luke ran in and we heard a younger boy yell

"WAIT! Don't kill me I'm clean. I have a younger brother but we're alone." Then out of the adjacent bathroom came a boy around thirteen.

"How old are you two, what are your names and what happened to your parents?" I asked putting my knife in my pocket while motioning for Luke to do the same.

"I'm Jordan and I'm fifteen. My brother is Parker and he's thirteen. We haven't been bitten and we left our parents after they started seizing." Jordan said. Jordan had jet black hair with brown eyes and Parker had light brown hair with dark blue eyes.

"Would you two like to come back with us? We have two other adults a thirteen year old, a six year old and a baby." I offered. Jordan looked at his brother and they both nodded.

"Thank you." Parker said tossing a backpack to Jordan and putting the other on. I checked my watch 1:47. We should start getting back.

"You're welcome. Now we should get back. Blake and Landon should be back soon." I said and Luke nodded. We walked outside as the boys filled us in on some information about themselves, Parker was allergic to fish. We went into the house and the girls, Duke, the baby, and the boys were at the table looking at the stuff that the boys brought back. They looked up and saw the two new people behind us.

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