Chapter 27

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We all looked between Blake and Luke in silence before Blake rushed forward and wrapped the teenager in a hug which he returned. We stayed silent before Blake looked around.
"Well um this is my brother." He stated. While Luke nodded in agreement. We stood there in a silence trying to think about it.
"Why are you in Maine and why the hell did It take me so long to realize who you were?" I asked after about five minutes.
"Well I'm in Maine because it's the furthest North I could get. And honestly I didn't recognize you either Sky." He walked forward to give me a brief hug before turning back to Blake.
"Liv, Ava, why don't you guys go work on your workbooks while we figure out what's going on." Liv nodded and Ava hesitated before heading into the other room with her sister. Landon, Blake, Luke and I headed to the kitchen. After we got to the island and sat down Blake immediately asked,
"Where are mom and dad?" Luke shook his head before he spoke,
"They were bit in the early days."
"They were packing the car and got swarmed, I couldn't do anything but sit and watch in horror."
"How'd you get out?" I asked.
"Well I was inside still packing my things. I grabbed my knife, dads two old pistols, my half packed bag and ran. I was with a group but about two weeks ago we were overrun." He looked down sadly. We sat in silence for a few minutes before I spoke.
"Landon and I need to go on a run to town to get clothes, formula and some other things."
"I can go with you guys if you want, I was out and alone for the past couple weeks." Luke offered. Blake hesitated before speaking,
"Maybe you should stay back and get used to the house and area."
"But I should start pulling my weight." Luke argued.
"Luke you've been here for not even an hour."
"But I plan on staying now that I've found you." Blake nodded at what Luke said.
"We all need to have a conversation, about whether it's right to stay  at such a flimsy house during an apocalypse." Landon said quietly causing all of us to look over at him.
"But Landon, this is one of your homes. It's cozy and safe so far." I said right away.
"But there's to many painful memories. I lost my family and the love of my life in this house. We could have lost the girls here too." He pointed out. I looked down. I was extremely protective of the girls even though they had only been with us since mid July.
"I understand that but where do we go?" I asked.
"We find the stronghold located in Augusta, and if that one is gone we move to Canada and see if there's one still standing in Quebec." We sat in silence for about ten minutes before Blake spoke,
"What about all our supplies and the animals? We'd be sitting ducks if we were constantly stopping for naps and breaks."
"We have four able drivers, we find another truck and two trailers or we hook two trailers up to the one truck, we put the animals in one and the supplies in the other. We can start going through supplies this week to leave for Augusta, which is only about two hours away and then Quebec is only about four hours away from there, the only problem is finding the stronghold." Landon said as we all looked around at each other. I left the kitchen to go sit on the couch and let the boys talk. Ava looked up as soon as I walked in, I could here Blake and Landon arguing and as soon as I sat down Ava said,
"We heard it all. Is it true, are we really going to leave?"
"I don't know yet. I have no problem with it other than the fact we may not find the place we want to find."
"Do we get a say, because I think it's a good idea that we go somewhere were there is more people and more kids for us to play with." Ava said and I nodded,
"Liv what do you think."
"Whatever you think is best but I like the freedom we have here." I nodded again,
"We're going to talk more about it tonight, and this week. It won't take days to find a stronghold, maybe seven hours tops."
"Then I say we can do it and we should as soon as possible." Ava said. As Neil started to cry. I nodded while going to get the baby.
"I'll talk to the boys and see what happens and I'll tell you guys later. Do you want dinner now?" I asked glancing at a solar clock which read 6:32. They both nodded. I went to the kitchen and made them a plate of greens and some venison. I ignored the boys who where still talking about the move and left the kitchen handing the girls their plates. They both hopped up on the couch as I readjusted  the baby on my hip. I sat in the living room and talked to the girls while they ate. After they ate I put Neil to bed and went to the kitchen to find the boys eating.
"I think we should go, and sooner rather than later." I said before any of them had the chance to speak.
"We were just about to-" Blake started before I grabbed my stomach and nearly fell to the floor, Landon and Blake both rushed over to keep me up.

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