Chapter 64

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I looked at my arm and froze. There was a mark. I don't know if it was a scratch from a zombie or a scratch from the road that I fell onto. From what I've seen it only takes about a day to turn so I would lock myself in a room for two days to be safe. I walked out and was met by the kids.

"Oh my god Skylar were you bit or scratched? Are you okay?" Ava asked.

"I don't know if I scraped myself on a rock or if it scratched me. But I'm going to stay in the bathroom for two days. I'm gonna grab some food a pillow a blanket and a couple books." I said as I put what I needed in the bathroom. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a long note to Blake about how much he meant to and how sorry I am that he wouldn't be a father to this baby. I wrote it in the bathroom and knocked on the door. I had them put the couch in front of the door just in case I did end up turning. I slid the note under the door and Ava took it like I had asked her to before I locked myself in. He wouldn't get it unless I was dead.

Blake came home nine or ten hours later. He sat on the other side of the bathroom door and immediately asked what was going on.

"There was an accident and I don't know if I was scratched or not. They were chasing Ava and I shot at them and they turned to me." I said. I couldn't hear his reaction but I know he wasn't happy. We talked for most of the night until he fell asleep on the couch to the other side of the door. I fell asleep soon as well.

I ended up staying locked in the tiny room for three days before I decided it was safe for them to let me out. As soon as I walked out of the door Blake wrapped me up in a huge hug.

"I'm so glad you and the baby are okay love. We got the solar panels up and everything was sorted out." Blake told me.

"We need to have people walking the fence at all times. There was an attack during the day. They keep getting in somehow." I said rubbing my growing stomach.

"Well then you should come outside and look at the fence." He told me. I followed him outside and noticed that there was now two layers of chain link fence and the top had barb wire on it.

"People will have a harder time getting through this now and zombies should stop getting in." I said before asking, "did you find out how they were getting in?" He nodded.

"The gates padlock chain was way to long. If you pulled it someone could slid through it. We made sure the chain was shortened a lot." He said. I stood up on my tip toes and gave him a gentle kiss which he deepened. I pulled away and went to the community center and looked around. The tables and chairs were all lined up and organized with a serving table at the front. The canned food was in one spot, pasta and sauces in another, then sugar and flour in a different one. The pots and pans were kept under the counter. I opened the fridge and saw loads of deer meat and eggs and two milk jug gallons. I assumed the boys had washed them out then milked the cows and put it in there.

"I like the way you all set it up." I said as he led me to the house he had made the school and library which was one house.

"Well what do you think?" He asked. I looked around I saw school books on one shelf and normal books on a different shelf. He led me upstairs and showed me the punching bags and the weights.

"I love it. What about the armory?" I asked.

"It's right next door. It has heavier weights and a couple of punching bags too." He said as we walked over. It was very neat. In one box was the smaller guns, another box held shotguns, a third held hunting rifles and a fourth held all kinds of ammo.

"I like it. How did you manage to do all this in three days?"

"Everyone pitched in. Jane and Edna had gotten the Community center done. I helped the kids with the school and Ashley, Gavin and Matt worked on the armory."

"How did you get so many things though?" I asked.

"Well Ashley, Matt, and Ami on run after run for the first full day and that was enough time for the guns and ammo and to check out a local gym. While they weren't here the rest of us built up the fence and Landon did the solar panels alone."

"I'm so impressed by that." We talked for the rest of the day and I decided the kids would start self defense class tomorrow.

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