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I was in my bedroom with my three best friends, Blake, Landon, and Nova watching movies like we did every Friday night, when our phones blared with the message. It was around 10:30 PM when it went off and we were all thoroughly confused.

"What the hell was that?" Nova asked confused.

"Well it just says to stay inside, so it's probably just a severe weather warning." I responding not thinking to much of it. "But switch it to the news so we know how bad it's gonna get." Blake grabbed the remote and switched to the news. As soon the channel was switched we caught the anchor mid sentence,

"Infected, stay inside lock your doors, and stay quiet, I repeat stay inside, lock your doors keep away from those who may be infected a bite or scratch or any of their body fluids getting into your body will infect you and you will become one of them. Nothing can truly kill them unless you manage to completely remove their head, blunt trauma to the head will slow them down for a day or two but it will not kill them. Infected have roughly hours until they turn but seize often, in that time and will spike a high fever. You've been warned to the best of my abilities stay safe America." With that, it cut back to another news anchor. We all stared around in a terrified silence. Me being the one who was somewhat  prepared for this situation had a small stash of pocket knives under my bed and enough food to last a week or two. Finally Landon spoke,

"Someone go lock the door to the hallway." Blake stood up went into the hallway and I heard the lock click.

"Skylar, we always thought you were crazy, thinking this would happen." Nova said still clearly in shock.

"I know." I said trying not to lose my calm. Someone had to stay rational and I figured it might as well be me, since the other three people in my group never thought of this as a possibility.

"How the hell are you so calm?" Nova questioned in an almost yell.

"Because this was always a possibility especially with the diseases currently in the world."

"But you should still be somewhat terrified."

"I am. One of us had to process what's going on and someone needs to keep a level head in this group for the time being." I responded getting extremely annoyed. I looked around for someone to say something and there was a silence.

Sorry about the short chapter. They get longer as the story progresses. This is my first story so I hope you enjoy. Leave comments I'll read through them all😁

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