Chapter 10

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I walk back into the room the others are in and I was surprised to see them awake. I looked at the clock 4 am.

"They seem so sweet, we cannot turn them away." Nova said as soon as I walked through the door. The boys agreed saying something along the lines of it's sending them to their death.

"We aren't. We're making the common room a bedroom for them and moving the common room downstairs to the study."

"Sounds like a great idea. Did you give them clothes so they could get out of those ones?" Nova asked and I nodded sitting down.

"We need to run to town this week, get them some of those storage things, toys, books for kids, extra food, beds, and clothes."

"Blake and I can go. It'll give you guys an opportunity to talk to the girls, and bond with them." Landon suggested.

"Well mattresses and walmart are two different directions. How about tomorrow, Blake and Landon go to the mattresses store and get gas, then either Blake and I or Nova and I or Nova and Landon can go to the Walmart for food, drinks, clothes and anything else they want." 

"I think that's a great idea and me and Landon can go to Walmart." 

"Alright It's settled." Blake said. "Now can we go to bed?" I nodded,

"We have two light blankets, we can use one as a pillow."

"You guys can crash in here." Nova said as her and Landon lay down.

"Thanks." And with that we were out. At around 7:30 Olivia came in and woke me up.

"Good morning Sky." She said quietly so she wouldn't wake the others

"Good morning Liv." I said sitting up and stretching. Duke bounded over and licked Liv, She laughed and pet him, "How'd you sleep sweety?"

"I slept good mo-," She paused and blushed, "Sky. How'd you sleep?"

"Pretty good, I'm gonna go get breakfast, would you like to come?" She nodded eagerly. We headed downstairs and I gave her one of the plastic cups we had gotten last time we were out, I filled it with water and handed her a cereal bar.

"Thank you." She said as finished.

"You're welcome. Is your sister awake yet?"

"No she likes to sleep late." I nodded

"Well around this time every morning I take Duke on a walk, Would you like to come?"

"Yes. Let me grab shoes."

"Okay Come back here when you get them on, I need to get his leash." She nodded and five minutes later we were out the door. We walked around and I talked to her to try and get to know her, "So what kind of toys and books do you like?" Her eyes lit up,

"I like barbies, and dinos, and board games and any kind of toy that looks fun. I like books with pictures, but I like being read any book."

"Well you're in luck, I love reading. What kind of snacks and foods do you like."

"I'll eat anything you give me I'm not picky."

"Good to know. What kind of clothes do you like?"

"I like skirts and dresses and tank tops, and shorts but not means , I like sneakers and flipflops."

"I'll make sure to pick those up when I go to the store."

"Thank you." She gave me a small hug before we walked into the house. She was a very sweet girl. Everyone but Ava was awake and in the kitchen. Liv hid behind me when we walked in being very shy with them around. I told her that she could go upstairs and sit with Ava and she did but asked if the dog could go with. I passed her the leash and she trotted up the stairs to play with the puppy.

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