Chapter 26

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The next couple days where the toughest yet, no one really slept, or talked much, or ate. Everyone was in mourning. It wasn't until about a week later did I finally get myself collected. I put Neil down in the makeshift crib that we had, and went to the kitchen where Blake was making eggs.
"Blake." I said as he turned around.
"Oh hey," He responded, "eggs?" I shook my head,
"I'm not really hungry."
"Come on Sky, you've barely eaten since," he paused and looked at the ground, "Nova."
"I know."
"It isn't good for you or the baby." He said as I walked over and sat on the counter next to him.
"I know it isn't, I'm just not hungry." I replied looking down at my stomach. "I came to talk." He put the pan on a different burner and stood in front of me.
"We need warmer clothes, and more formula."
"We'll go after I talk to Landon, but I want you here."
"No. I'm going. Me and Landon can go. You can stay here with the girls, that way if something were to happen you could stop it."
"Skylar. I don't want anything to happen to you, or the baby."
"I get that, but I'm small, and I'm quick and Landons a good shot. We'd only be gone a few hours to get to a Walmart or Target or both."
"I don't like this."
"I'll be fine. I just need someone to stay with the girls, to make sure they're safe." We went back and forth about it until he finally agreed.    "Thank you. Now, I need to take a ride. Are you okay being alone with everyone?" He nodded and told me to be safe as I hopped off the counter and went to the bedroom. It was late September so it was starting to get cold. I grabbed one of the pairs of jeans I had gotten and a hoodie. I threw on my pair of old beat up sneakers and grabbed my backpack out of the corner of my room. I headed to the living room once I was finished and said bye to everyone.
"I'll be back in an hour or two." I said and the girls looked up from their puzzle.
"Where are you going?" Ava asked.
"On a ride." I replied.
"Be careful." Liv added before running over to give me a hug.
"I will." I responded grabbing my gun and an extra thing of ammo from the end table draw. I gave Blake a quick kiss and headed out the back. It was around two in the afternoon and it was pretty chilly, we would have to put the animals in the barn soon. I walked up to Majesty, "Hey girl, it's been awhile." I said while stroking her nose. She neighed softly and after a moment I lead her out of the gated area and shut the gate. I hopped on and took her to the road. I let her set the pace we rode for a little at a trot, then she sped up to a gallop. After a few minutes I slowed her back down to a walk. We went a little further than we normally would. I saw someone walking in the distance with a backpack. I sped up Majesty and met the person about two minutes after I saw them. They saw us coming and stopped. We rode up and I pulled the reins to stop Majesty,
"Hello." Said the man. I put my hand on my holster that was thankfully facing away from me and hesitantly responded,
"I'm Luke."
"Sky, what are you doing out here alone?" I asked trying to sound tougher than I was.
"I got seperated from my group." He responded. 
"Where were you guys located."
"A few hours west of here."
"Do you have any weapons?"
"I have two pistols and a hunting knife."
"Are you looking for a new group?" He nodded. "I'll take you to mine, but you have to give me your weapons and I can't guarantee that you'll be able to stay."
"Why do I have to give you my weapons?"
"So that I know you won't try something." He stayed quiet for a minute contemplating, he was a small boy who looked really similar to Blake, he was no older than seventeen. He grabbed his guns and knife and handed them to me. I took my bag off and put it in front of me and put the weapons in it.
"Thank you." He said
"You're welcome." I responded. "Do you want to walk or do you think you can sit on the horse."
"I can get on the horse if you'd rather." I extended my hand to help him up and he took it slowly. A minute later he was up and we were heading back to the base. We made small talk through the ride and I learned he was only sixteen and his parents had died in the early days of the outbreak. We talked for the hour and fifteen minutes it took to get to the house and I could tell he wasn't a bad kid. We got home and I took Luke with me to put the horse in the pasture. A couple minutes later we were in the house but Blake and Landon weren't in the living room. The girls turned around,
"Who's that?" Liv asked.
"Someone who was wandering the road alone." I replied.
"Is he safe?" Ava asked hesitantly, I nodded and after a minute or two of talking to the girls Blake and Landon came out of Landons room. Luke and Blake made eye contact and they both looked shocked to see the other. Then it clicked.

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