Chapter 36

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I looked in the third row to see Liv, Ava, Neil, and Duke. Landon and Blake were up front and Luke was next to me. We had no idea where we were going but we couldn't stay there. Maybe we would find another place or maybe we survive out on the road. We road in silence for about an hour before Blake spoke,

"So where are we going?" Nobody responded right away.

"Maybe to another stronghold." Liv said softly. I nodded,

"Let's see if there's a place in the next hundred or so miles." I suggested and Landon agreed,

"I think we should go to a safe place or we can build our own place."

"What do you mean build our own place?" Luke questioned.

"I mean we build some type of barrier around a few houses and every couple days we go and see if there are people around who need a place that's safe."

"I like Landon's plan. That way we don't have to worry about whether or not the leader is a good person or not." I said. The running around this morning hurt my stomach and I was trying to hold it without showing anyone.

"Then it's settled. We find some type of gated community and set up there and we can build higher and more stable walls." Blake stated.

"Yay and we will have plenty of space for the horses and cow and chickens to roam." Ava said happily.

"The only thing is finding the materials to make this place functional with warm running water, a building for food, the nurse place, storage and houses and to find a space open enough for the animals." I said.

"Well after we find it we better get to work on it." Blake said with a happy tone in his voice.
The ride consisted of talking about what would happen when we found it and how to get it up and running. We had to stop to refill the gas tank after about two hours on the road. The ride was uneventful with only the occasional zombie, until we saw a swift. The first Swift I had seen. It was catching us to the trailer quickly.

"Blake. Stop the car and let me shoot it. The bullet will put it down long enough to get us far far away."

"No Sky. There is no way." He replied with a firm voice.

"Fine. Then I'll shoot from the window." I replied cocking the gun and rolling it down. He sighed and I leaned out and it took two shots for me to hit the things head and it fell twitching to the ground.

"Nice aim Sky." Luke said patting my shoulder. I laughed,

"Yea two shots later." We sat the ride in silence. I read a book, Landon looked out the window, the girls were sleeping and Luke was feeding the baby. All of a sudden Landon yells,

"BLAKE turn right there's a place up there." Blake turned when the turn was available. We pulled in and I hopped out to open the front gate the car drove in and I closed it again hopping back in the car after. We drove around and saw the occasional zombie wandering. I smiled,

"This is where we set up."

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