Chapter 20

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Everything went by normally for the next month until I woke up around four in the morning and ran to the bathroom to puke. I went back to bed and thought nothing of it. My period was always irregular so I didn't think anything of it. I woke up at seven and made breakfast. I only had a granola bar. It was september and was getting chilly so soon we would need to make a run for winter clothes and shoes. I went to the bathroom and threw my hair in a messy bun and went to the living room to reread 'It'. The girls came out at around eight.
"Morning Sky." Ava said, with a yawn.
"Morning girls." I said putting my book down.
"What are we doing today?" Liv asked.
"I need to go hunting so we can fill the freezer with meat for the winter and you guys can do the garden if you want to." They nodded
"Sound good." Ava said.
"Do you want me to make you some eggs?"
"Ummm sure." Ava said
"Thanks Sky." They both said when I handed them their plates.
"No problem." I did some english and math with Ava then helped Liv with some reading and writing. Around nine everyone else came out.
"Good morning Sky." Nova said.
"Morning. Can I talk to you for a second?" She nodded and we headed into her room, the boys were confused but didn't say anything.
"What's up?"
"I was up at four this morning vomiting, I'm gaining weight, and I'm kinda craving tomatoes and pickles and chocolate and all this random stuff."
"Have you and Blake, you know-." She started before I cut her off
"You might be pregnant." The realization hit me and I started to cry. Nova hugged me. I couldn't imagine bringing a baby into this kind of world. "You'll be fine. If you are pregnant you're gonna be a badass mom." She said as I continued to cry.
"Thanks Nova." I said wiping away my tears and sniffing.
"No problem. You should talk to Blake when you know for sure."
     "Yea. I know. I will." She walked over to her dresser, and pulled out a box.
"Here, they're old but they should still work."
"Why do you have these?"
"We've all had scares and I wanted to be prepared if one of us did get pregnant. Why don't you go take the test and then come back." I nodded.
"Thanks Nov."
"Of course." I put it in my bra and headed to the bathroom. I peed then waited. I put it back in my bra and went back to Nova and curled up on her bed, then started to sob. "Is it?"
"It'll be ok hun. We just need to tell Blake so we can start getting prepared."
"C-c-can you tell him to meet us in my room please?"
"Of course I can." She said and we both left the room, I went and sat on my bed curled up a couple minutes later Blake came in and saw me crying. He didn't say anything for the first ten minutes and just held me while I cried. After I stopped crying for the most part he asked,
"Baby what's wrong?" I couldn't talk so I just handed him the test. He looked for a minute then looked back at me. "You're pregnant?" I nodded. "That's great Sky. We're gonna be a family."
"Blake, I didn't want to bring a kid into this fucked up world so soon."
"Sky, we will get through this. You are a badass. We'll start getting baby things every time we go on runs."
"I guess. This just isn't how I thought my first baby would be born."
"I know but we gotta do what we gotta do." We talked a bit more then walked back out to the kitchen.
"Landon, when are we getting more solar panels on the roof?"
"Umm next time we get them, sooo next time we go on a run, why?"
"We're gonna need to do more laundry in a few months."
"What do you mean?"
"I'm gonna have a baby."
"WHAT?!?! We'll do on the panel run tomorrow then."
"What? No calm down. We have 9 months."
"Fair enough." But we should get more soon so we can use the air conditioner and heat." Landon said.
"Alright so me you and Blake can go tomorrow."
"Oh no, no, no, no, no. You are not going, last time you went on a run you got your ass kicked. Me and Landon will just go."
"I'm going with. While you guys do that then we can go to a store and get winter clothes and winter stuff."
"Fine. But you aren't leaving my side."
"Deal." I responded. "I'm gonna go tell the girls."
"I'll come with." Blake said. I walked out to the living room to see the girls playing with Duke.
"Hey Liv, Ava can I talk to you guys real quick?"

"Sure." Liv said as they came over and sat on the couch next to me.
"Well I don't know how to put it easy but, I'm pregnant. Soon there's gonna be a baby in the house."
"Oh my god. Really?" Ava asked and I nodded she squealed and Liv just said yay. We talked the rest of the day about babies and what we would do. I got bored of it after awhile and read my book. Nova made some venison sandwiches for lunch and dinner. We all went into our rooms at ten. The girls weren't that tired so they stayed up and played apples to apples with us. After we went to bed Blake tried to talk about the baby.
"Can we not. We have months before it's comes so let's just breath."
"Alright. Fine. Sorry, I'm just excited."
"I get it. I'm just scared. And don't want to talk about him or her right now."
"Alright. So we won't."
"Thank you." We talked about when we were younger for awhile before I was tired. I cuddled up to him and started to fall asleep while he pulled out his book.

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