Chapter 35

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I woke up to knocking on the front door. I looked at my watch 6:30. I looked at Blake who was still sound asleep. The knocking continued. I walked to the front door and opened it only to find Tom.

"Hey Sky, Andrew said he needed to speak with you." He said and I nodded,

"Okay I'll go when I tell the others." I said and he nodded and left. I walked into my bedroom and woke Blake and told him what was going on. He got up and dressed while I told Landon that we would be gone for a little. I went and grabbed my old boots and slightly torn jacket.

"Ready?" Blake asked coming up behind me. I nodded as I yawned and started to walk. We got to Andrews office and I walked in.

"Hello Skylar and Blake. I would like to talk to you."

"About?" I asked in a rather annoyed tone.

"The baby and the way that you spoke to the nurse." Andrew said as my face began to burn with anger.

"You mean how I yelled at the nurse who didn't tell me that MY CHILD had died in the middle of the night?"

"She filed a report because she thought that you were going to physically attack her." He replied and Blake stepped in.

"Sky has every right to yell and scream at that women. She didn't tell either of us that our baby had DIED."

"Yes but we can't have people being afraid of others." Andrew said trying to calm Blake down.

"Why the fuck are you taking her side?" I questioned getting angrier by the second.

"She's been here longer. Plain and simple." Andrew replied. "I am sorry about your daughter but you can't go screaming at people." I lost it at that point.

"Fuck you Andrew. If you're taking sides of a woman who didn't tell me more information about my fucking DAUGHTER. She didn't tell me anything other than she stopped breathing." I spat out.

"You have one more chance before I ask you to leave."

"Don't bother. We're leaving today. I want my horses, cows, and chickens back. Along with a replacement for the food we brought." I practically yelled.

"No. You will not be getting any of it back." Andre replied. I lunged across the desk and grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him closer.

"We are taking what WE brought WHEN WE LEAVE." I screamed in his face. He shook his head and I tighten my grip on his shirt. "Excuse me? Your people killed my baby. Now you're keeping our animals away from us?"

"You lost the right to them when you gave them to us." He said. I released his shirt when I felt Blake lightly tug my shoulder. I stepped back and Blake punched him square in the nose. And blood started to pour down.

"We are taking one of your big trailers. Your biggest truck and our animals and food. Do you understand?" Blake asked while Andrew held his nose. "I ASKED IF YOU UNDERSTOOD!" Blake roared. Andrew stood up and threw a weak punch at Blake. Blake punched him again in the jaw.

"Yes. I understand." Andrew said defeated.

"Good. I hope you and that nurse rot in hell. Blake. Let's go." I said storming out of the office. As soon as we got outside I broke into a sprint towards the house. As soon as we got there I screamed, "EVERYONE UP. WE'RE LEAVING. WE NEED TO PACK." Blake ran into the boys room and told them to throw what they could into their suitcases and bags then to move to the things in the living room. I ran to my room and woke the girls quickly and told them what was going on. They ran to their room and began packing things quickly. I began packing Blake's clothes as well as mine and Neil's. Blake came in to see me throwing things from the drawers into the suitcases.

"Sky what do you need?" He asked.

"We'll finish up here. You go find the trailer and truck and load up a cow Majesty and Rebel and five chickens and the rooster." I replied. He nodded and took off. I finished packing the clothes in two suitcases and all Neil's food and some blankets and pillows in another. I left him in the crib and I put the suitcases by the door and quickly checked my room again. The drawers were empty. I grabbed a bag and filled it with everything in the bathroom. Then I went to help the girls who had finished their clothes and were working on their toys. I helped them and moved the suitcases into the living room. The boys were doing the living room so we filled up reusable water bottles with water. Twenty minutes later Blake came up with the truck. Well it wasn't really a truck, it was a large SUV with a massive trailer behind it.

"You guys load up the car and I'll go grab two backpacks of food." I said and before anyone could respond I took off toward the kitchen. I grabbed whatever would fit, flatbread, and a lot of cans. That filled up the bags and I got back to the cabin to find it was mostly loaded and that everyone was in the SUV. I put the backpacks with the rest and did a quick sweep through the house. I grabbed a few of the blankets that were on the beds and some pillows too but other than that stuff there was nothing else that we needed other than a couple books but most of the house was packed up. I ran to the car and hopped in the backseat and nearly landed on Luke's lap.

"Sky relax. We're leaving." He said as the tears started to flow. I nodded and Blake pulled up to the gate and the man at the gate refused to open it. I got out and walked up to the man who had a 7 inches on me and punched him straight in the throat. I don't like being violent but I had to be. I opened the gate and once the trailer was through I walked through and shut it. I got back into the car and we hit the road.
Unsure of where we were heading next.

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