Chapter 47

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I woke up the next morning and headed right downstairs and grabbed paper and a pen. I decided I needed to make a list of things that would be necessary to get this area safer. Fences were top priority. A better gate was next. Building a greenhouse of some sort was next. The animals were after that. We also needed clothes for the warmer weather once the weather changed. I wrote everything down when I heard Neil crying. I went upstairs and grabbed him checking my watch in the process six. I didn't even know what time I had woken up this morning. I went downstairs opened a can of pears and put a few in the bowl for him and walked with him to the couch. I read him a book and we played before Blake and Luke came down.

"I have a plan for the next few days. It's on paper in the kitchen." I said before they even realized I was up.

"Well good morning to you to." Luke said with a yawn before reaching into the fridge for water. Blake wandered over to Neil and I and sat with us and played for a little.

"Dada." Neil said with a sweet smile. Blake just smiled back at him and looked at me. Luke brought in the paper and we talked through it.

"Here is my idea." Luke started, "why don't we get fences tomorrow and set them up the following day. Then we figure out how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables without the greenhouse then we worry about new clothes and cleaning up the rest of the area we live in now." He finished. I looked at Blake then back at Luke then nodded,

"I think it's a great idea."

"Same here." Blake said.

"Sweet. Does that mean I get to pick who comes?" He added hopefully. I shrugged,

"Depends on who you want to come because your arm isn't fully healed yet." I said.

"I was thinking Blake Landon you and I." He said.

"Alright. But you cannot push yourself." I said seriously.

"Got it." He replied.

"So tomorrow we go?" Blake asked.

"If the car is finished then yes." I responded.

"Well it shouldn't take more than a day to finish it we just need to connect the wires and things." Blake said as Landon came down the stairs. Blake gave me a quick kiss before grabbing food for him and Landon and heading outside to work on the car. As soon as I heard the door shut I looked at Luke,

"So what's going on with you and Kelly?" I asked and received a blush.

"Well I think we're dating but I don't know. Don't tell anyone until I know." He said smiling from ear to ear. I smiled back.

"If anyone else is up wanna do a perimeter check? I need to get out." I asked and he nodded. We waited about ten minutes before Kelly came down.

"Hey Kel. Can you watch Neil while Skylar and I check the perimeter?" Luke asked and she nodded with a smile. We both grabbed knifes while I grabbed the machete as well. I yelled a quick see you later to Blake and Landon then we ran the fence that was maybe seven feet tall and found nothing. We headed back and saw that the door to our house was wide open and there were shouts coming from it. I sprinted as fast as I could to get there.

"What the hell is going on?" I yelled. I saw Ava crying and Jordan holding Kelly pinned against him with her arms in front of her.

"She hit me. Hard. Then came after Neil. When I tried to stop her she hit harder." Ava said through tears holding up her arm which was bent at an unnatural angle. "She broke my arm. She got past me and hit the baby a couple times before Jordan or anyone came in."

"What the fuck Kelly." Luke and I said in unison.

"The boys came in as soon as I screamed." Ava finished. Blake was sitting on the couch next to her and Jordan was holding her. I walked up to Kelly and got in her face.

"Tell me why the fuck you did it." I spat.

"She was being annoying and kept bugging me about where everyone was and Neil was giving me a headache." Kelly responded with the smile. I right hooked her and her head whipped to the side and she spit out blood.

"You have a choice. I can kill you for laying a hand on my kids or I can drive you far far away with nothing and you'll starve or get bitten out there." I said the rage boiling. She didn't answer so I punched her again.

"Just kill me." She said as she spat blood at me. I grabbed my gun from my holster and Blake grabbed my arm.

"Skylar. Think about this." He said.

"I did think about this. She broke Avas arm and hurt the baby." I responded. Blake release my arm and I took her from Jordan's grip. I didn't get a good enough hold apparently because she tackled me and my gun went flying across the room. She landed a punch or two before Blake pulled her off. "You went crazy. Absolutely insane." I said as I looked in Blake's eyes. I could see the anger. I grabbed her and dragged her outside and shot her before she could say anything else.

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