Chapter 30

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I woke up the next morning to the Neil screaming. I got up and walked over to the draw that we had made his temporary crib. I checked my watch 5:15. I picked him up and walked out to our unpacked supplies to get the baby food we had made. I fed him and when he was done I let him crawl around in the living room while I began to unpack the books and games, after about twenty minutes I had everything organized on the small bookshelf in the far corner of the living room. I scooped up Neil and he giggled as I carried him to the bathroom so I could unpack the toothpastes and soaps and toothbrushes. I went back to the living room and grabbed three Dr. Seuss book and sat on the couch with Neil. About halfway through the second book Liv came out, and came up on the couch with us. After I finished the second book she asked if she could read the third, I smiled,
"Of course you can." She smiled back and started reading. By the time that she was done Neil was asleep. "So why are you up so early?" I asked her.
"I couldn't sleep. Plus I wanted to explore today." She responded.
"Well when the others wake up we can go get breakfast then we can go talk to Andrew about the crib and see about a stroller and explore or ask Tom for a tour."
"Let's ask Tom." She replied and walked over to the bookshelf to put the books away, she grabbed checkers and I nodded. We played two rounds, her winning both, before Luke and Landon came out.
"Good morning people." I said cheerily looking over at them.
"You cannot be that awake right now." Luke said with a yawn. Liv laughed,
"Clearly you haven't met her then, she's up early every morning."
"Too early." Landon muttered.
"Never to early" I replied as they sat down on the opposite couch. "Let's go get Blake and Ava, it's almost 7:15 and I'm hungry." I said as I put the checkerboard away. Liv got up and we both headed to wake up Ava. Liv ran from the door and landed on top of her sister. Ava screeched and looked at her sister.
"Why are you like this?" Ava asked with a groan, Liv laughed and walked back to me. We headed to my room and opted for a different way to wake Blake up.
"Duke come." I said and a moment later the dog was at my side, "Go get him." I said motioning to Blake. Duke walked up to the bed and jumped up landing right next to Blake before licking his face. Blake woke up a few seconds later,
"What the-" He got cut off as Duke licked his eye. Blake sat up and looked at me then to Liv then back to Liv. "You two are evil." He said getting out of bed and throwing on a sweatshirt.
"Well I'm hungry and I promised Liv we would explore today. So Liv and I are gonna go talk to Andrew and then go explore. You can come." I said.
"Alright lets go get food. But I am not walking around I want to get use to this place." Blake said. We both nodded and headed to the living room.
"We're going for food are you go-" I was cut off by a scream. I looked at Liv, "Ava and you stay here with Neil I said grabbing my small gun off the ledge and sprinting outside. The screaming continued, I wasn't running as fast as I could because of how big I was but I was trying, I followed the sound of the scream and found a woman being chased by a man the woman was holding her arm and her forehead was bleeding. I heard footsteps behind me and I knew immediately that Blake was running towards the man. I continued to the woman and she stopped right in front of me. She had stopped screaming but had tears running down her face. I put my arm around her. "I'll walk you to the nurses station." She nodded,
"T-thank you" She stammered."
"Of course. I'm Skylar but my friends call me Sky."
"Cal-." She started before falling to the ground. She stayed there for a minute before seizing. On her arm was a small bite.
"LUKE!" I screamed since he was the closest one to me. The commotion had brought people out of their homes and out of their areas of work. I ignored them, "Luke go tell your brother not to kill that man and that she's infected and that I need Landon." I said turning my attention back to the woman. She stopped seizing and slowly sat up but I didn't let her. "No no,don't sit up, you'll hurt yourself more." She nodded and laid still and about a minute later Blake was behind me. I stood up and whispered, "Carry her to the nurse, I'm not sure what to do here. She is infected. I'll go talk to Andrew." He nodded and picked her up and we headed to the main building. I went to the office door that read Andrew Smalls, I assumed it was the leader of the place and knocked.
"Come in." He yelled. I opened the door and walked to his desk. "Ah Skylar, what's up?" He asked putting his book down. I explained what happened and he looked shocked.
"That has never happened here. But you did the right thing. The nurses will deal with it." He said and I nodded.
"Well now that we discussed that. Is there a way I can get a crib and a stroller?"
"Well right now it's for Neil. In a few months I'll need another crib for my baby." I replied. He nodded.
"I'll ask Tom to bring them to you and show you around. Now from what you told me you told me you should go to the nurse and get checked out." I nodded and left. I headed down to the nurses station holding my stomach. Something wasn't right. I could feel it. I walked in.
"Hi, I need a checkup, I was in contact with the infected woman and would like to make sure my baby is okay." The nurse nodded,
"Alright well if you want to follow me..." She paused.
"Right, if you want to follow me I will be more than happy to check for you." I nodded and followed her into a small examination room. I sat on the table and laid back as she put the cold gel on my stomach. She looked at the monitor then back to me  then to my stomach.
"Skylar." She said with slight dread in her voice.
"What's wrong?" I asked
"The baby."

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