Chapter 25

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"Sky, SKY!" Landon yelled shaking me

"Huh what?" I asked sitting up rubbing my eyes.

"She's not breathing." Landon said. I jumped up and ran to the room. There was no breathing or heartbeat so I did what anyone would have done. I jumped up and started compressions, then mouth to mouth even though she could have been infected. She started breathing again and I stopped. A few minutes later her eyes were open, barely but they were. I was sitting on the bed next to her and she tried to talk,

"What happened?" She asked it came out hoarse and quiet but she could talk.

"We came back from out room to find you in the middle of the floor with cuts and bruises all over you." I responded, then looked at Landon, "Go get her some water." He nodded and came back a couple minutes later with advil and a glass of water. I helped her sit up so she could take a drink and take the advil.

"If I was covered in cuts and bruises, how am I still alive? What happened to Liv?"

"Liv is fine, scared but fine. You're alive because we got here just in time"

"What happened to the men?"

"They're dead, I took care of one and the boys had the other." Nova nodded as she began to cry. "Hey hey, you're okay, Livs okay, I'm sure Duke will be okay once we figure out where he hid."

"But I tried to protect Liv, and she watched this happen." I gently put my arm around her and gave her a hug.

"She is okay, we are all okay." I said. Then I heard a bark then a growl. "Stay here" I said, mostly to Landon, I ran to the living room to see Blake had put Neil on the couch and Blake was out the door gun in hand. I grabbed my gun from the television stand and ran out the door, I stopped at the same sight Blake did, Duke had found a coyote and he was play fighting with it. "Duke, lets go." I called a couple times before he finally trotted over to me. The three of us went back to the house to see Landon in a panic.

"She fell asleep and she won't wake up and I can't tell if she's breathing or has a pulse." Landon said. I didn't even respond. I ran right to her room to find her seizing on the bed, I ran over and rolled her on her side. After a couple more seconds she stopped, she had no pulse, no breathing, no movement. I looked at Blake to Landon to Nova back to Blake. I stared at the boys when I felt a pull in my hair, I had turned just in time to see Nova sit up and try to bite me. I screamed and the boys raced over to help get her off me. Landon had pulled her arm off me and pushed me off the bed as Blake grabbed a knife and put it through her temple with several sickening pops. I checked my arms for scratches, thankfully there was none, before I sunk to the ground and started shaking as sobs racked through me. I felt both boys sit next to me and cry. We cried until we had no more tears. After probably two or three hours the girls came in with the baby who was crying. He probably needed to eat. I got up and ushered them out of the room, taking Neil out of avas arms. I went to the baby bag we had gotten from Neils mother and grabbed the container of formula and put some formula in a bottle and filled it up with water. I fed him while I explained to the girls what was going to happen. They both started to cry when the boys came out thirty minutes later, Neil was done eating so I burped him and kept him in my arms. I looked at the boys,

"We need to bury her." I said, not caring if I cried or if my voice cracked.

"We're going to dig the hole now." Landon said, pain in his eyes. I nodded and handed Ava the baby so I could wrap Nova in a blanket or sheet from the closet. I grabbed a pretty blue and purple flower sheet and took it to where she was. I laid it next to her and rolled her onto the center. I took off her bloody shit and pants and replaced them with her favorite t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. I folded her hands over her stomach and loosely wrapped her in the sheet but leaving her head still visible. I combed out her hair, and sat next to her and remembered all the good time we had, baking together, laughing until four in the morning, being there for her with mint chocolate chip ice cream when she was sad and cookie dough when I was, the times we snuck out, driving around blasting music. I was so deep in thought I didn't even realize that the girls had come to sit next to me. I looked at here and then walked out to the tree with the girls. The boys looked at me then to the girls.

"It's time." Blake said sadly. Blake headed back to the house to grab her off the bed and came out a couple minutes later with tears running down his face. He carried her over to the grave and placed her inside gently. We all stood in silence until Landon spoke several minutes later,

"I don't know what to say, I can't put words in the right order." I went over and hugged him. It was going to be a rough couple days.

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