Chapter 52

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Jordan's P.O.V
I ran to the street over to start checking the houses. This group has been nothing but good to my brother and I and I wanted to do everything in my power to keep this group going. Skylar must have come the same way as me because I saw her come sprinting from behind a house. I started to go towards her then I saw a man behind her.

"SKYLAR BEHIND YOU!" I screamed but she must not have heard me. I fired my gun at another one that had come out of the house then both the man and Skylar fell to the ground. I ran towards Sky and the man that had knocked her unconscious was running off. I saw either Blake or Landon chasing after him. I got to Sky and felt that she was breathing. She wasn't bleeding so I knew she wasn't shot but the man has hit her in the head with his gun I assume really hard. I looked at her head and saw that her dark hair was slightly wet. I felt it and saw that she was bleeding. After about a minute Landon had shown up.

"What happened." he demanded picking her up.

"The people that got in had hit her in the head with their gun. I had shot the other one but I couldn't get this one." I told him as we ran back to the infirmary. No one should see the her like this. The once strong woman that had killed to make sure everyone in this group was safe, who made the decisions was now unconscious and being carefully placed in a bed.

"Blake went after him the man who did this. Can you run and get the peroxide for this and gauze and an ace bandage." Landon asked. I nodded and ran to the other room grabbing two packs of gauze, the peroxide, the ace bandage, and the scissors.

"Why the scissors?" Landon asked as I handed him everything I brought.

"You might need to cut the hair around the cut if it's big." I said.

"Can you run to the house and grab a flashlight. It's kind of dark in here." Landon said and I ran as fast as I could to the house. I grabbed a flashlight and ran before anyone could say anything. I shined the light on her head and saw that it wasn't that big of a cut. Landon moved as much hair out of the way as he could and poured a little peroxide.

"Can you grab a towel?" Landon asked. I nodded and went to the bathroom to find one. I grabbed one and headed back to Landon. He worked on her head as best he could. I went to the bathroom and threw up. I was worried that if she didn't wake up and get better then Parker and I would have to leave. I don't know why I was worried the whole group was close they wouldn't kick us out but that's what happened when our parents died. They died and the group made us leave because they thought we were dead weight. This group was nothing like that. I sat in the bathroom for a few minutes and thought about what would happen if we had to leave again. I must have been in there for awhile because Ava had found me and sat with me.

"What's wrong?" She asked me.

"I feel like Parker and I will get kicked out because I feel like this is my fault." I said putting my arm around her.

"Hey. It isn't your fault. You did your best, you shot one of them and got to her as fast as you could. Blake's in there with her right now. He killed the other guy. They fixed the hole in the fence. This is not your fault." She said giving me a quick peck on the cheek. We went to see Sky who was still unconscious. I sat with her Ava and Blake all night. This twenty two year old that I have only known for a short time was more of a mother than my real mother who stayed out late and was with her friends constantly. Sky fights for the people she cares about while my mother never did. We stayed up all night talking until Sky's hand twitched and her eyes opened a little.

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