Chapter 9

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I sat up as I got my book out to start reading. Even before the zombies appeared I had always liked reading. Blake rolled over and looked at me with puppy dog eyes,

"Can I help you? I'm reading." I said not removing my eyes from my book.

"Give me attention." He said and I laughed,

"You sound like a child, we spent all day together."

"But that's not the same. I want hugs and cuddles."

"And now you sound like a girl."

"Stop judging me and love me."

"If I give you five minutes of making out will you let me read?" I asked, he smiled while nodding. I sighed and reluctantly put my book down. He reached over and wrapped his arm around the small of my back and pulled me closer. He kissed me passionately and I returned it. It was way longer than five minutes before I pulled away and went back to my book.

"Really right back to the book?"

"Yes. It's good."

"What are you even reading?"

"Honestly I don't know."

"That's great goodnight."


The clock said 11:30 and by the sound of it everyone was out cold. I on the other hand was wide awake. I got about halfway through my book before looking at the clock again, 2am great, another sleepless night. I finally stopped reading at around 2:30- 3 o'clock, and laid down. Sleep didn't come easy, as normal, I would be the last person awake then the first person awake. I finally drifted off at about 4 after I snuggled up to Blake. I went downstairs, grabbed two cereal bars and two bottles of water with a drink mix and headed back upstairs to bed. I looked at the clock, 7:30, I decided to go on my morning run, I gave Duke food and water and put him on his leash before going outside. We walked around for a couple minutes then started a light jog around the yard. Fifteen minutes later we were back in the house, instead of going back to bed I decided to start teaching Duke tricks. About an hour later he had learned how to sit and almost lie down. The others slowly came out and joined me in the room that we decided will be the common room. The day ways pretty boring, we talked played some games and read until ten. That's how it went for over a week before I was woken up by a soft banging on the door downstairs, I quickly shook Blake awake and told him about the noise,

"Go get Landon, we'll check it out get duke and go to Nova's room and wait for us to come get you guys. Pass me your gun." I passed him the gun and five minutes later they were downstairs and I was holding a puppy who wanted to bark. I heard a voice that I had never heard before then another. About ten minutes later the door was shut and the boys came back with two kids, both looked under the age of fourteen. I was somewhat awake, the boys and Nova however were half asleep still. I looked at them and gave a soft smile, before speaking,

"Hi I'm Skylar but my friends call me sky, what are you names?" the older girl spoke first very timidly,

"I'm Ava, and this is my sister Olivia."

"Hi Ava, hi Olivia, those are Nova, Landon and Blake." I said motioning towards the three who were sitting on the bed playing with the dog. "Oh and the puppy is Duke." They both gave a small wave. "You guys can sit down if you would like. How old are you two?" Ava answered,

"I'm eleven and Olivia is five." I nodded somewhat shocked that they had managed to get here on their own.

"Wow you guys are young. How'd you find us?"

"We got separated from our parents after our dad got, you know." She paused for a minute her eyes starting to water. "This is the first house that we saw and when I tried opening the door it was locked, I had hoped either someone was here or that it was empty." I glanced between the two of them. Ava seemed so mature for her age she had dark brown eyes and dark black hair, that was curly and matted,  and reached down to her waist. Olivia on the other hand had bright blue eyes and bright blonde hair, that was shoulder length and straight, it was still matted but not as badly. Their clothes were dirty, and torn. Ava had a gun tucked into a holster and a backpack.

"You guys are more than welcome to stay here, I would hate to send you guys away, we have an extra bedroom that we could make yours." The tears that had filled Avas eyes fell as she walked forward and hugged me. After a few minutes she pulled away and wiped her eyes.

"Thank you. I can help you with whatever you need. I'm a good help and Liv can help with small things too."

"You guys don't have to help to much, you are only kids. I do have a couple questions however."

"Ask away." Ava said as she sat on the floor.

Where either of you bit, and why do you have a gun?"

"No neither of us were you can even check if you want. I have a gun because my father gave it to me to keep me and Olivia safe." I nodded.

"Well with that being said you can take my room for tonight, follow me." We walked out of the room and into mine. "Do you two need clothes? I can lend you some shirts and pants with drawstrings and a couple of us can run to town in a few days to get you two a bed and some toys and clothes."

"We do need clothes, if you don't mind."

"Of course I don't I said crossing the room to the small plastic containers that held my clothes. I grabbed a pair of my smallest shorts and a tank top and gave them to Ava, "The bathroom Is across the hall if you want to change in there," I said before turning to Olivia, she was pretty small so I could just give her one of my normal t-shirts and she could us it as a nightgown, "What's your favorite color?" I asked. She replied in a small quiet voice,

"I like pink and blue and purple." I held up a purple shirt that had a rainbow on it,
"Do you like this one?" She nodded and I handed it to her

"Thank you miss." I smiled at her,

"No need to call me miss, call me Sky."

"That's a pretty name."

"Thank you Olivia."


"Thank you Liv." I handed Ava a flashlight.

"Take this so you can see."

"Thank you sky."

"No problem come back when you're done, do you want something to eat or some water?"

"Yes please." They both said.

"Alright I'll get you a snack while you change." With that I turned and ran downstairs, I grabbed a bag of pretzels and two bottles of water. When I came back they were both sitting on the bed. "Here you go. We have other things if you don't like that."

"This is fine, but thank you."

"Of course. Do you want me to stay with you guys for a few or do you want to go to sleep?"

"If it's okay I think we're just gonna go to sleep."

"That's fine girls goodnight." With that I shut the door and headed to my friends.

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