Chapter 16

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I stood up from the circle and pulled the curtains up so we could have some natural light. I sat back down and was the first to speak.

"We found horses."

"Oh really?" Landon asked. Liv nodded enthusiastically

"Yea a big black one and a little grey one with white spots."

"Cool. Does anyone know how to ride one, and how did you even get them?" Landon responded.

"Well we went on a walk in the woods and found the clearing. Skylar saw them and they let her get close enough to get their leads. The baby only had a small rope around her neck and the momma had a bridle but no saddle." Nova responded.

"I'm assuming you know how to ride and you can teach us?" Landon asked looking over at me.

"Yep. I worked with them through high school, my dad liked going to shows and I helped with the horses there." I said and Landon nodded and pulled something out of his pocket.

"We also have a surprise. SEEDS!" Everyone laughed. There was cucumber lettuce, tomatoes, onions, squash and a few other things.

"If we plant them today since it's mid August, maybe we'll get lucky and get a bunch by late September. Does anyone have a green thumb?" I asked and Ava nodded.

"When I was younger my mom and I had a big garden with lots of everything."

"I can also garden" Blake piped up.

"Alright that works and maybe in the winter we can bring one type of each plant inside?" I asked.

"It might work it not but there's no harm in trying."Ava said. I nodded.

"Speaking of winter, Maybe we should try not to use to much heat in the winter to avoid running out of power in the middle of the night. We got more blankets and now there's enough for each person to have like five." Landon said.

"I think that's fair, the only problem is the snow on the panels."

"Easy fix, I'll go up and clear them off either everyday or every hour, depending on how much it's snowing."

"That works. Now the thing that I really wanted to talk about. H-" Liv cut me off.

"Horse names." I smiled at her.

"I have four that I like, Midnight, star, majesty, and rebel. I think Majesty and Star or Rebel would be good."
Ava liked Majesty and star and so did Nova. But Blake Landon Liv and I liked Majesty and Rebel. We all looked around.

"Fine call the baby Rebel but when you aren't around she's Star." Nova said with a smile. Then it dawned on me,

"Why don't we call momma, Majesty and the baby Rebel Star." We agreed and just like that our horses were named. We talked until about five thirty and Nova offered to cook. Nobody disagreed and she disappeared into the kitchen. We all sat in the living room, Ava was coloring, Liv was playing with a couple new toys, Landon, Blake and I were playing go fish. About fifteen minutes later Nova called us and on six plates were fried eggs, there was some garlic salt, some pepper and a dash of basil. We all had three eggs and once we were done, no one wanted anything else. I grabbed one of the old pitchers and made a thing of kool-aid and poured six cups. I put the rest in the fridge and handed everyone a cup. We went back to the living room and went back to what we were doing but instead of playing go fish we played bs. We played for about an hour and then I turned on the tv and handed the boys a controller. They looked over shocked.

"Online obviously doesn't work but offline does." They nodded and pulled up what looked like call of duty but I honestly don't know. Nova, me and the girls played apples to apples and another hour later the boys unplugged the things so they wouldn't use up energy. Blake was really tired so we said goodnight at 9:30 about ten minutes after the girls did, we walked into the room and we both changed quickly. I still wore his hoodie, but because it was so long I didn't wear pants. I yawned, stretched, and got into bed.

"So what exactly happened today?" I asked.

"We were in the store next to target and when we left that store there was three men that were outside the door of store with guns. We tried to talk to talk but they shot a shot right next to my head and I pulled my gun and took out two of the three and Landon tackled the third to the ground before he had a chance to react. He dropped his gun when he hit the ground and then him and Landon got into a fight, Landon has a couple small bruises on his face but they'll go away. Landon kicked his ass." he said and I sighed,

"Why didn't you say something, I was in school to be a doctor, I should look to make sure his hand isn't sprained or broken."

"There's no need, he's not in pain and his face isn't swollen."

He looked at me and put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer.

"We made it, they shot a few times and that's when we came out, they put a few holes in your truck, they must've thought it was abandoned or something." I nodded,

"I don't care about the truck, as long as you guys are safe."

"We're okay baby, we're all okay." He responded when I looked. He got out of bed and went over to his dresser. He pulled out the small white box that I saw earlier. He came over to me and took my hand and put it in his,

"I love you and when saw this, I knew I had to take it for you." He got down on his knee and opened the box and Inside was a beautiful necklace with an infinity sign and a small light blue gem in the corner, there as a small word in the middle and it said forever. It was on a longer chain so it wouldn't get in the way. My hands shot to my mouth and I could feel myself start to tear up. He stood up and put it around my neck. Once it was clipped I jumped up into his arms and hugged him. He hugged back and then laid down on the bed, still holding me, I placed my head on his chest and fell asleep after only a few minutes. It was probably because he was playing with my hair. I woke up around three in the morning to strange voices outside. None of the lights in the house were on so it wasn't clear that people were here. I shook Blake awake and whispered,

"Get the gun you guys took on your run." I grabbed the flashlight next to the bed and tried to keep it dim I grabbed my gun and blake whispered back still half-asleep,

"What, why what's going on?"

"There's people outside. I only heard two voices but there may be more." He nodded and grabbed the gun, we made our way to Nova and Landons room and told them what was going on. We grabbed the gun from the living room and a big knife. We handed Nova the gun and Landon the knife. They went to the backdoor and we went to the front, Duke had also heard the voices and walked over to me, lowly growling at the door.

"Duke, go lay in front of the girls room." I said pointing to their door, it took him a minute but he got up and walked over and sat in front of the door. We had sat in front of the door in case they tried to come in. They jiggled the door handle and when it didn't open, one of the two said

"Shit, it's locked, there might be people or zombies inside." I heard them mumbling outside and after a few minutes their footsteps walked off the little porch area and down the driveway, It was very dark out but they had flashlights and I saw them walk out of the driveway and started to head away from us. We waited a few minutes before telling Nova and Landon that it was safe. Nova and Landon had gone back to their room but I heard talking so I knew they weren't going to sleep again, Blake and I headed back to the bedroom as well and I read by flashlight and Blake did too, every so often we would talk but for the most part it was quiet. I yawned around 5, and put the book down, I decided that the men were long gone and that it was safe to sleep for another hour or two, Blake did the same and we laid down to sleep, I woke up at 7:04 and went to make breakfast.

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