Chapter 61

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I explained to everyone what happened and that it was handled before I went to the bathroom. He either hit me harder than I thought or more times than I thought. I had a black eye, my cheek had a large cut on it that was bleeding, my lip was split and my other cheek already had a dark purple bruise. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a small towel and ice and put it on my face before sitting on the couch. Blake had gone to make sure Ami was okay.

"You should stop being the hero. Especially when you're pregnant."

"I wasn't being a hero. I told all of you it was a crazy man who took me to the ground and Ami kicked off of me. I'm gonna go lay down. Where's Neil?"

"Down with the kids. Don't worry. You just sleep there should be peroxide in the bathroom on the second floor." Landon said and I nodded. I walked upstairs and cleaned my cheek and lip which stung like a bitch. I walked to my room and laid down with the ice on my eye. Duke had followed me upstairs and jumped into bed with me. He laid down next to me but stayed alert. I fell asleep while petting him.

Skylar had gotten hurt by a crazy man once again. It made my blood boil that I couldn't do anything about it. I knocked on Ami's door and Matt opened it.

"Blake how's Skylar?"

"Her face is pretty bruised but she's fine other than that. Can I come in?" He nodded and I walked in.

"I assume you want the full story?" Ami asked as I walked into the living room. I nodded and she motioned for me to sit. "We went on the run and we saw a car in the parking lot. So instead of just going in we put the horses inside a yard and hid behind the store until the car had pulled away. Once we got inside one man was just standing there, Sky and I both pulled our guns and she told him to turn around twice. He lunged for her and she fell under him. I tried to kick him off of her but I couldn't get a solid kick until after three or four kicks and in that time it was enough for him to hit her a few times. When she stood up there was another guy behind her which she shot without hesitation."

"Are you okay?" I asked her feeling slightly better now that I knew everything.

"Yea. Skylar is badass. She had no fear in any of it."

"Yea well it isn't the first time this has happened." I replied as my blood began to boil again.

"It's not? When did it happen before this?" Ami asked the concern rising in her voice. I explained the first time it happened when the man hit her head on a shelf then the floor and gave her a concussion. Then the time the same man attacked her outside of a store and then the time the people broke in and knocked her unconscious. "Damn. She's strong. She'll be fine." She said and I nodded. We talked for a little bit longer before I went home.

"Landon where'd she go?"

"To bed, be careful though. That dog isn't letting anyone near her." He said looking up from his book. Everyone read a lot nowadays or ran or was outside or having conversations with people or making a list for runs. I walked up the stairs and opened the bedroom door. Duke immediately growled at me and went to stand up.

"It's okay Duke lay back down." She told him and he obeyed. I walked in and laid down next to her.

"How's your face?"

"Sore but the ice is helping. I was thinking that maybe we can do a house dedicated to food and where the food would be stored cooked and served. Jane enjoys cooking and everyone is always willing to help." She said rolling over to face me.

"Would you like me to go tell people? We have one more house that's empty that has solar panels on it." I asked and she shook her head.

"No lay with me." I laid with her for a little while before she sat up and held her stomach.

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