Chapter 29

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We were on the road as soon as the animals were in the trailer and Duke was in the backseat. We headed to the stronghold in Maine and once we got there we found that it was burnt to the ground. The ride that was filled with talking had silenced as Blake and Landon switched places driving and Blake headed to Toronto. We made it there around seven because there was no speed limit. We saw the wall right away and Blake sped up, as the car once again filled with people talking. We neared the walls and a man came down to meet us. Blake rolled down his window,
"Hello, I'm assuming you come from the place ahead with the walls?" The man nodded and hopped off his horse.
"My names Tom and I am indeed from the fort ahead, we're called Eagle Hold. Would you guys like to stay for the night, it would be the least we could do." Blake nodded and slowly followed the man toward the gate. We got inside and Tom told us where to park. We parked and got out to stretch.
"Who is the person in charge here? We've been looking for a place to stay since our last home became unsafe." I said to Tom.
"Oh that'll be Andrew. After dinner I could take you to them."
"Thank you." I said with a smile.
"I never caught your names." Tom mentioned.
"Oh I'm Skylar, that's Blake, Luke, Landon, Oliva, Ava and the little one is Neil." I said motioning to the people of my small group.
"Well it's nice to meet you all. What do you guys have in that trailer?" Tom asked suspiciously.
"Two horses, a cows, five chickens and our supplies."
"Well if you'd like we can figure out your housing situation and get your animals out of there. Andrew doesn't turn people away often so I think you'll be fine. I'm assuming you'll all want to share a living space?" We all nodded and I looked around, there was a lot of smaller building that looked like houses, a farming area, a barn, and a very large main building. Tom noticed me looking around and pointed out everything,
"The smaller structures all around are your houses, the main building is where you find the nurses, the dining hall, the exercise room, and the school rooms, we have the farms and a track that's behind the building." I nodded.      "Oh you will all need to see the nurse as well just as a precaution. So if you will all follow me." We started walking and Liv grabbed my hand. We were brought into a small waiting room. "I can wait right here if you would like so I can show you to the farm area to unload your animals then to the dining hall.
"That'd be great thank you." Landon said finally speaking. After about half an hour we were ready to go. We brought the animals to their respective places and then headed to the dining hall. Tom sat with us and filled us in on the rules,
"It's pretty simple, the adults work during the week and the kids go to school, as long as you aren't a danger to those around you there won't be a problem, when Andrew gets here we can discuss work."
"Seems simple." Blake said as he took a bite of the potatoes. We sat and talked for a few minutes before a man I assumed was Andrew came and sat with us. He sat next to Tom and turned to Blake,
"Hello, I'm assuming you're the new arrivals?" Blake nodded and introduced us.
"Well welcome to Eagle hold, do you plan on staying or do you plan on continuing to move around?" He asked and the group looked at me.
"We plan on staying if you will let us." Andrew nodded.
"Well then I have a couple questions Skylar. First how many people have you and your group killed, how many zombies, and how many rooms do you need in your living quarters?"
"Three people,several zombies and three bedrooms if possible." I said looking at Landon and Luke who shrugged.
"Why did you kill people?"
"The first had attacked me more than once, the other two had attacked and killed our friend while we went on a run." I responded shifting Neil in my arms.
"Is he yours?" Andrew asked me.
"No, we found him in a car on a run." I responded, "I am four or five months pregnant though." Andrew nodded,
"Well welcome to Eagle Hold you guys. I just have one last question, what do you think you will be good with job wise?"
"Um, I can probably work with the animals and farming." Luke said.
"I'm good with mechanical things and setting up solar panels." Landon said softly
"I'm a decent cook." Blake said.
"I was in college to be a doctor, so I could be a nurse, or if you have a group that goes outside of the walls either to hunt or raid stores I could do that." I suggested while Blake shook his head. "The girls will be in school I'm assuming." Andrew nodded.
"So Luke farmer, Landon Handyman, Blake Cook, and Skylar you can be a person that goes on runs and switch to a nurse further into your pregnancy if you'd like. The two younger girls will be in classes, and the baby will be in the daycare." I nodded.
"Thank you. Now if you don't mind could you show us to the place we will be staying? We also have some food in our trailer." Andrew nodded and both him and Tom stood up and cleared the table. We headed to the trailer and handed andrew the bag of utensils and the suitcase of food and andrew helped us unload all the other bags. Duke hopped out of the trailer.
"Oh we also have a dog."
"That won't be a problem, I'm going to have you all start your jobs next week since today is Thursday and I would like for you all to get use to it here."
"Thank you so much Andrew." I said as he showed us to a larger cabin.
"You're welcome. I will see you guys around tomorrow." Andrew said before heading towards the main building. Tom opened the door and placed the bags he had on the floor.
"Goodnight guys, and once again welcome." He said with a smile and walked away after handing Luke the keys. We all put our things inside the door and explored the cabin. There was a small kitchen, a living room with two couches and a nice bathroom. We checked out the bedrooms, two of them had two beds and one of them had one bed. Landon looked at Luke then to the girls,
"Well we know which room Blake and Sky are getting, which room do you girls want?" They picked the bedroom right next to Blake and mine leaving the room right next to the bathroom for the boys.
"Well guys, we're finally here." I said plopping down on the couch with Neil. I'd talk to andrew tomorrow about getting a crib.

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