Chapter 44

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I woke up to a loud bang downstairs. I shook Blake awake, "There's someone or something trying to get in." I said. He was groggy until Duke started to growl he was on his feet with the machete almost instantly. I grabbed Duke and muzzled him.

"Stay here. I'm going to get Luke and Landon." Blake said leaving the room and closing the door. I heard them open the front door and then it shut. I went to go move Neil to the girls room and tell Parker and Jordan to do so as well. I left Duke with the kids and Kelly who were now all wide awake and went downstairs guided by a dim flashlight in my left hand and my pistol in my right. I walked to the front door and heard a gunshot. Then voices I didn't recognize. I ran outside and aimed my gun at the two strangers who were staring at one of the boys laying on the ground.

"Who the hell are you?" I barked at them.

"That's none of your concern little lady." The shorted of them said. I cocked my gun getting ready to shoot. I made a signal for the boys to move back I still didn't know who was hurt but they weren't screaming.

"Tell me who you are." I responded more aggressively.

"You don't need to know who we are. We just came for the little girls you have." The same man said. With that I didn't hesitate I shot twice hitting them both in what I think was one of their arms and one of their legs. One fell and the other stumbled back.

"Get the fuck out of here." I growled at them. One of them pulled out a gun and Blake dove on him and drove the knife into his head. I shot the other one in the head and ran to who was on the ground. I looked at his face and it was Luke. "Landon get him on the couch. Blake come with me." I said. I took off toward the house with the medical supplies with Blake hot on my heals. We got there and I tore up the stairs into the bedroom.

"What do you need Sky?" Blake asked.

"There's a backpack in the closet. Put whatever I put on the bed in it." I said as I threw ace bandages, gauze, tweezers, peroxide, and the suture kit I had from the patient first we raided. I tossed a bottle of the strongest painkillers onto the bed and when the bag was packed I threw it on and took off once again. I got back to the house and looked at his arm. There was no exit point that I saw.

"What do you need us to do Sky?" Landon asked as I checked his pulse, which was faint but there.

"I need you both to hold flashlights above the wound so I can remove the bullet. I'm sorry Luke." I said as I poured peroxide on the tweezer and into his wound. He moaned in pain and I used my fingers to pull apart the skin to see the bullet which luckily was in one piece. He had lost a lot of blood. I knew I was O- and I told Blake to get the kit I had taken when we raided the hospital. While he was gone I cleaned and stitched his wound as best as I could. As soon as Blake got back with the kit I sanitized my arm with peroxide and put the needle in. After I filled two of the three bags I hooked the bags up to him and let the blood drip into his veins. I placed the gauze over his wound and wrapped it with two ace bandages. After about an hour we were done and he was receiving blood. I went to the kitchen to wash my hands off with some of the bottled water and soap we had. I went back to the living room.

"Can we put him in the bed so he the kids don't see him like this?" Blake asked as tears fell down his face.

"Yes. If you want to pick him up I will carry the blood." I said. About ten minutes later Luke was laying in bed with the blood drip taped to the wall so it he would get it. "We need to clean the couch and move the crib." I told Landon. He nodded and dragged the crib into my room.

"Will you be okay if Landon and I go downstairs for a minute?" I asked Blake. He nodded and I brushed his blonde hair out of his face and gave him a tight hug. I went downstairs to see Landon was using peroxide and a towel to get the blood off the couch and that it was almost done. "You good or do you need help?" I asked.

"I'm good. You should go tell everyone what happened." Landon said. I turned and went upstairs as I started to cry. I thought about Nova and how I couldn't save her and Mia and about how I couldn't save her. I walked into the kids room and Liv and Ava ran to me and wrapped me in a hug which I gladly returned. We stayed this way for a minute before I sat down.

"What happened? We heard you yell and we heard gunshots." Ava said as she went to sit next to Jordan.

"Two men came looking for you and Liv. They shot Luke and I killed them both. Luke is currently in his room. He seems to be okay right now but we won't know until he wakes up." I said as tears roll down our face.

"Two men came looking for us?" Ava asked.

"Yes. Do you know who they may be?" I asked her. She nodded.

"They were after our parents before the apocalypse. They must have known they died and came after us. It has something to do with our parents owing them something. I don't know what though." She replied as Jordan wrapped his arm around her seeing she had started to cry. I sat there and talked to them for a little before checking my watch. It was around 4. I needed to go check on Luke. I walked in and Luke had opened his eyes. He was talking very quietly, to Blake and offered me a very weak smile as I walked into the room.

"You are very Lucky. But you have a long road ahead of you." I said to him as I sat next to him. Blake left to get him some food and water and I sat with him and felt his face. He was a normal temperature but was still pale. After he ate Blake and I went to our room with Landon and tried to get a little bit of sleep before Landon was supposed to work on the car.

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